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SUNDAY, 26/08/2018 18:14:13

Together with 1st-class urban construction, Hai Duong city authorities are realizing the project "Building a smart Hai Duong city in the 2018-2025 period with vision to 2030" to build a modern and worth-living city.

Hai Duong city authorities will pilot the installation of cameras around some traffic lights or where speed monitoring is needed from 2019

Inevitable trend

Returning home to start a business after many years of working in Singapore, which is called "a smart nation," Pham Van Khoa in area 10, Quang Trung ward hopes that Hai Duong city authorities will soon build smart urban models similar to those in Singapore.

According to Khoa, a smart city helps people enjoy many utilities. For example, a smart dustbin model using sensors to distinguish between organic and inorganic waste to open the appropriate lid has been implemented in Singapore since 2015. Sanitation workers do not have to spend much time on waste sorting.

A resolution on smart urban development has been adopted at the 5th Session of the 21st City People's Council (2016-2021 tenure).

According to Vu Manh Tu, head of the city one-stop section and one of the consultants on the project implementation, the rapid urbanization  of Hai Duong city in recent years has required authorities at all levels to work out measures for urban planning and development to meet people's need for an increasingly modern life.

Smart Hai Duong city building in the 2018-2020 period focuses on the main fields of constructing an urban management center, implementing an electronic one-stop system associated with online public services from city to ward levels, building a communication portal for the city, upgrading the existing portal of the city with extension to communes and wards, and installing a surveillance camera system.

Smart urban areas are an inevitable development trend; therefore, people really expect early implementation of Hai Duong city authorities.

Visiting Hai Duong city, representatives of the International Real Estate Federation - Korea Chapter also realized the unavoidable requirement and desired cooperation on smart urban building for Hai Duong city.

"Hai Duong city authorities should study to soon apply smart urban models. Smart urban construction will help the locality sustainably develop to be commensurate with its role as a satellite city of Ha Noi capital in the northern key economic triangle. These measures will help Hai Duong develop a dynamic, green, modern, and energy-saving city in association with major cities in the region," said Tae-Yong Gee, president of the chapter.

One of the important goals for smart Hai Duong city construction in the 2018-2020 period is e-government model building.

Information technology will be applied to public administrative management to best serve the people.

E-government is one of the important mainstays of a smart city.

Chairman of the City People's Committee Vu Tien Phung said a portal would be developed soon for direct questions and answers between leaders of the city and citizens and enterprises. At that time, the distance between citizens and public authorities will be shortened.

E-government building in a smart city will help to process administrative procedures quickly and conveniently. It will also be easier for the city leaders to inspect and supervise public administration.

Vu Manh Tu said the city authorities had constructed a basic foundation meeting conditions for e-government building.

Computing equipment and infrastructure at Party and State administrative agencies, unions, centers, and schools in the city initially meets requirements.

The provincial People's Committee is determined to complete and commission e-government applications for the fields selected, including smart public services, information technology infrastructure, smart education, health, and traffic, etc., within this year.

"Thus, there is no reason for Hai Duong city to not be able to implement the e-government model," said Tu. 

To forestall this trend, the city authorities are stepping up the processing of administrative procedures under one-stop and inter-one-stop models, enhancing the implementation of public services at levels 3 and 4, and applying information technology to the management of administrative procedure reform.

The city authorities have piloted the installation of 300 cameras on some central streets to realize the goal of building a smart city in the coming time.

In addition, the city authorities are also digitizing the text databases of People's Councils, People's Committees, and specialized divisions, inputting public servant management databases, and digitizing civil status data.

A smart Hai Duong city is an urban area that uses information technology, communications, and other means to improve the quality of life, the efficiency of urban services and activities, and competitiveness and meet economic, social, environmental, and cultural requirements of present and future generations.


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