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Urban areas need bespoke planning

TUESDAY, 25/12/2012 15:13:57

The country needs to develop distinct governance models for urban and rural areas because it is crucial for the nation's development, experts said at a conference yesterday.

Organised by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the conference gathered experts and officials of various sectors from 32 cities and provinces in the southern region.

The national steering committee tasked with developing the governance model said in a report tabled at the conference that after more than 25 years of renovation and international integration, it was necessary to have separate management models for urban and rural areas.

It said swift urbanization has lead to many differences between urban and rural areas, but the same governance model was still being applied to both.

Hence there was a need to have a governance model with organizations, functions, responsibilities and mechanisms that are suitable to urban areas, the committee said.

The urban governance model should have a streamlined structure and clear functions and responsibilities for each agency. Agency leaders should have sound managerial skills, the report said.

It should also ensure leadership of the Party and the State while promoting decentralization and administrative autonomy for State-managed cities.

The report also said that the overall aim must be to ensure optimum exploitation of strengths and potentials of each city, promoting local as well as national development.

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Nguyen Duy Thang, said proposed models should be selected based on general guidelines issued by the State and Party. He said they should also match the needs of each locality.

(Source: VNS)


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