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Businesses contribute to city beautification

THURSDAY, 22/08/2019 17:06:11

These days, many streets in Hai Duong city are being renovated. To do this, besides funds from the State budget, there are contributions of the business community.

Hai Hung Real Estate Group JSC. has funded the renovation of the flower garden of the new urban area to the east of Hai Duong city

Undertaking specific jobs

To welcome a ceremony to announce the Prime Minister's Decision recognizing the expanded Hai Duong city's satisfaction of 1st-class urban criteria and mark the 215th founding anniversary of Thanh Dong (old name of Hai Duong city) (1804 - 2019) and the 65th liberation anniversary of the city (October 30, 1954 - 2019), the city is focusing on urban embellishment, renovation and repair of many works. These activities are supported by a lot of businesses.

Newland Investment JSC. has financed the city authorities' implementation of a number of works like renovation of Thong Nhat - Le Thanh Nghi intersection and the pavements of Bach Dang street and decoration of Phu Tao bridge. Funds for the works is expected to exceed VND7 billion.

Covering more than 4 ha, the flower garden of the new urban area to the east of Hai Duong city is having a new look.

All paving bricks of pavements and walkways and tree planting soil have been replaced with blue stones and rich soil, respectively.

Many more kinds of flowers and trees such as bougainvillea, petunia, sedum morganianum, hibiscus, etc. will be planted there. In the near future, a lighting system will be constructed. The lakeshore will be decorated with LED lights. People living in the urban and neighboring areas will have a playground with many outdoor exercise machines.

It is expected that by October 15, the renovation of the flower garden will have finished.

The above work is funded by Hai Hung Real Estate Group JSC. with about VND4 billion; however, many costs have arisen during execution, so the investment may be two times higher than expected.

The flower garden of the new urban area is next to Thanh Nien street and opposite to the Eastern Land Cultural Center which is being built. For years, luxuriant trees have occupied the area, leaving no space for entertainment.

"Our company wants to refurbish the flower garden to create a highlight for the area and make the city landscape greener, cleaner, and more beautiful," said Nguyen Van Kien, Deputy Director of Hai Hung Real Estate Group JSC.

The pavements of Hong Quang street, 5 - 10m wide on each side, are being covered with interlocking glazed red bricks about 5cm thick.

On the pavements, there are many electric poles adjacent to the walls of works. Along the pavements and across the street are numerous power lines and communication cables hung on the poles.

Thanh Do Investment JSC. has registered with the City People's Committee to renovate the pavements of Hong Quang street.

The enterprise suggested rearrangement of the landscape by alternating walkways with trees and grass to create green scenery and relaxed space.
Thanh Do Investment JSC. will spend on Hong Quang street beautification
The company will replace block bricks with natural granite and grow Japanese lawns 2.5 - 3 m wide along the pavements. The unit will also renovate manholes and install cable pipes to lay line systems underground.

Thanh Do Investment JSC. estimates that the renovation cost will exceed VND3.5 billion.

"Our company is very happy to contribute to embellishing the city. We determine that this is our social responsibility which will have a part in the overall development of the city. In the coming time, our company will continue to do our share with the city to prepare for important events," said Nguyen Quoc Trung, Director of Thanh Do Investment JSC.

Ecopark Hai Duong Investment JSC. has also undertaken a number of works like renovating the pavements of Tran Hung Dao street and Yet Kieu flower garden and building an electric system to decorate Hai Tan bridge. The company is expected to spend more than VND3 billion on the works.

Important resources

By August 11, 10 enterprises had registered to renovate 18 works in Hai Duong city. Those are the joint stock companies of Newland Investment, Hai Hung Real Estate Group, Thanh Do Investment, Ecopark Investment, Dai An Investment, Ha Hai Tourism and Construction, Hai Duong Porcelain, etc.

Quang Van Quyet, Deputy Head of the Urban Management Division of Hai Duong city, affirmed that in the context of the limited State budget, the contributions of the business community are very important.

To date, the total amount expected to be contributed by the enterprises to implement urban embellishment works has reached nearly VND30 billion.

The city authorities are asking agencies and enterprises to continue caring about investing in cove lighting and decorating high-rises in the precinct of agencies and headquarters to create highlights for the structures and scenery.

Besides, the city authorities have also suggested that agencies, enterprises, and units participate in maintaining order, cleaning pavements, and decorating gates and walls surrounding their headquarters.

The urban embellishment is aimed at gradually improving the quality of people's lives, perfecting and consolidating the criteria for Hai Duong city to deserve to be a 1st-class urban area.

In the time to come, the city authorities will deploy forces to restore urban, construction, and advertising order to build a "bright, green, clean, and beautiful" city.



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