Preventing epidemic from entering hospitals

THURSDAY, 12/08/2021 17:30:37

Hospitals are considered the last bastions in Covid-19 prevention and control since these are places not only for patients to be treated but also for health workers to be protected.

The Hai Duong Children’s Hospital strictly controls all people entering and leaving right from the entrance

In this epidemic wave, there were two Covid-19 patients going for medical examination, forcing the Medical Centers of Nam Sach and Gia Loc districts to stop operations for a while. In the face of current complicated developments of the epidemic, the protection of healthcare facilities is even more urgent.

Outer, inner circles tightened

As soon as the first Covid-19 patient appeared in Nam Sach district, the Hai Duong Children's Hospital activated its epidemic prevention system at the highest level. Community Tracing, Anti-infection, Clinical, etc. teams have conducted many activities in accordance with set scenarios.

Anyone going in or out the hospital must take such screening steps as medical declaration, body temperature measurement, hand disinfection, etc.

The hospital separates patients right from the entrance. Those with symptoms of cough and fever are required to go through a separate way. All people entering and leaving, even doctors and nurses, must go through two screening steps, one at the entrance, and the other in the main lobby.

According to Deputy Director of the Children's Hospital Vu Duc Cung, the epidemic is spreading rapidly and unpredictably this time, so each official and employee must uphold their vigilance to protect themselves and patients under treatment there.

The Hai Duong Lung Hospital strictly screens patients not only from the entrance but also at departments and in treatment rooms.

The hospital limits changes in caretakers and weekly takes samples from at-risk patients, officials, and employees for SARS-CoV-2 screening. There are separate rooms at each department of the hospital for treatment of patients suspected to be infected with Covid-19.

Not only provincial hospitals, to date, most Medical Centers have taken measures against Covid-19 at the highest level.

Having to suspend operations because a Covid-19 patient came for medical examination, the Medical Center of Gia Loc district took stricter epidemic prevention measures as soon as it was allowed to resume operations on August 9.

Doctor Nguyen Van Ngoc, Director of the Medical Center of Gia Loc district, said the center had taken the highest measures to prevent Covid-19 from affecting its operations again.

At present, there are backup rooms at all departments so that patients detected to have epidemiological factors related to the epidemic will be promptly isolated.

Self-service patients will not be cared for by their family members. Weaker patients will have to register with departments for issuance of cards to their caretakers.

Hospitals are considered the last bastions in Covid-19 prevention and control since these are places not only for patients to be treated but also for health workers to be protected.

According to Hoang Van Huynh, Deputy Director of the provincial Center for Disease Control, this epidemic wave is developing complicatedly and unpredictably due to the rapid spread of the Delta mutation. The risk of Covid-19 spreading into hospitals is always present. Clearly defining this, the Department of Health has proposed that the provincial authorities immediately realize three testing plans with priority given to healthcare facilities in the province.

Double mission

A Covid-19 patient under treatment at the provincial Hospital for Tropical Diseases

Though always having to take urgent measures in Covid-19 prevention and control, medical facilities still pay special attention to examining and treating people.

Doctor Hoang Ngoc Lan, Director of the Medical Center of Chi Linh city, said apart from the force mobilized to participate in local Covid-19 checkpoints and take samples for testing in outbreaks, the remaining doctors and nurses of the center always tried their best to maintain medical examination and treatment activities at the center.

Since reopening, doctors and nurses of the Medical Center of Nam Sach district have not only taken part in sampling for screening and Covid-19 vaccination but also well examined and treated patients. These are very important tasks for people in epidemic-hit areas to feel secure.

At the Hai Duong Lung Hospital, medical examination and treatment in this period are even more careful because it is very difficult to transfer serious patients to higher levels since Ha Noi authorities are taking many strict measures to control the epidemic.

The hospital regularly organizes consultation groups to find the best treatment plans. It performs two tasks of epidemic prevention and good treatment in parallel for patients to set their mind at rest when they cannot be transferred.

To protect hospitals in the current context of complicated developments of the epidemic, the Department of Health has required units in the sector to strictly implement division and screening examination, ensure absolute safety, and resolutely not let Covid-19 patients enter these facilities.

Hospitals should strictly assess the level of safety from the epidemic in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s set of criteria for safe hospitals.

The department also required the facilities to comply with regulations on examination and treatment and not to let Covid-19 affect patient care.

Hospitals should prioritize thoughtful arrangement of examination and treatment forces…



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