Poor, near-poor households exempted from running water bills

TUESDAY, 07/09/2021 08:18:11

The People's Committee of Hai Duong province has announced exemption from running water bills due to the impact of Covid-19.

Accordingly, households living near or below the poverty line or located in blockade or medical isolation areas will not be charged up to 4 m3 of running water/ month, and the excess will be charged in accordance with current regulations.

Facilities used as concentrated quarantine places or field hospitals will be exempted from all running water bills.

The exemption is applied to water used in August, September, and October 2021.

The exemption level at medical facilities currently treating Covid-19 patients and monitoring the medical isolation of F1 cases is based on the number of treated and monitored people at 2 m3/ person/ month.

The exemption duration depends on the actual number of F0 and F1 cases.

Clean water producers and suppliers are entitled to exemption from or reduction of environmental protection fees for domestic wastewater and drainage service charges for the volume of running water subject to exemption or reduction.

The provincial People's Committee required clean water producing and trading units in the province to review and rearrange their production and business plans, reasonably arrange labor, save costs, and reduce losses and prices to make up for the shortfall because of water bill exemption and reduction.



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