No more F1, F2 cases in Thanh Ha, Ninh Giang

WEDNESDAY, 08/09/2021 13:53:46

Hai Duong recorded no new Covid-19 cases on September 7, according to the provincial Center for Disease Control.

Patient N.T.H. in Quang Giang hamlet, Dai Hop commune, Tu Ky district, receives a discharge certificate

Only 20 Covid-19 patients are being treated in the province, including 16 patients at the provincial Hospital for Tropical Diseases, three at the Medical Center of Nam Sach district, and one at the Medical Center of Gia Loc district.

There were no new F1 and F2 cases on the day. 1,679 people were isolated in the province, up 279 people over September 6.

Thanh Ha and Ninh Giang districts no longer have F1 and F2 cases.

* By September 6, four last Covid-19 patients in Tu Ky district had been discharged from hospital.

There remained only one F1 case and 36 people returning from epidemic-hit localities under concentrated quarantine at the old People's Committee of Dong Ky commune and a quarantine area in Dai Son commune, Tu Ky district.

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