Mission of Covid-19 Patient Treatment is Accomplished

TUESDAY, 20/04/2021 07:27:43

Presently, Hai Duong has completely controlled the Covid-19 epidemic, all patients treated in the province have been discharged from hospital, no cases of death.

The last Covid-19 patient in this outbreak treated in Hai Duong (right) was discharged from the provincial Hospital for Tropical Diseases on 16th April

Miniature Bach Mai Hospital

Like the whole country, Hai Duong has experienced 3 outbreaks of Covid-19. Our province has had cases of infection in every surge of the epidemic. In the third outbreak lasting from the end of January up to now, Hai Duong is the focal point- where the first case was recorded and the highest number of cases is recorded (726 cases as of present). Thanks to the active support from the central government, Hai Duong has mastered the medical treatment, by 17th April, all patients treated in Hai Duong were discharged from hospital, only 3 people are being treated at National Hospital for Tropical Diseases, no cases of death is recorded.

Right after the epidemic broke out, Hai Duong quickly established field hospitals. The first case was discovered on 27th January in Chi Linh City. On 28th and 29th January, Hai Duong consecutively established two field hospitals. Field hospital No.1, assisted by a medical mission of the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases,  is based at Chi Linh City Health Center. Field hospital No.2, supported by Bach Mai Hospital, is based at Hai Duong Medical Technical University Hospital. On 7th February, Hai Duong received an additional field hospital, No.3, which is sponsored by Sun City Company Limited (under Sun Group) and installed by Huy Hoang Eco Joint Stock Company, located at Sao Do University. The field hospital No.3 is mainly administered by the provincial General Hospital. The health sector has mobilized hundreds of medical staff from all over the province to support the the operation of the three field hospitals. These 3 field hospitals can simultaneously give medical treatment to more than 1,000 patients when operated at full capacity.

Among these, field hospital No.2 is like a miniature Bach Mai Hospital in terms of equipment, capable to receive and treat severe patients. According to Dr. Nguyen Van Dung, Vice Director of Center for Tropical Diseases (Bach Mai Hospital), Head of the Treatment Team at the field hospital No.2, field hospital No.2 has almost what Bach Mai has, from modern equipment to qualified and expertised human resources. The only difference is that the scale here is smaller. When the field hospital No. 2 was put into into operation, the leaders of Bach Mai Hospital set a goal of no cases of death at this hospital. The result is as expected, although some patients at times were of poor prognosis, they have been promptly treated by the doctors.

Valuable experience

Recently, the health sector has always been proactive in treating Covid-19 patients. For normal Covid-19 patients with no underlying diseases, the treatment method is not complicated, mainly immunity enhancement, resistance improvement. In reality, in the first epidemic outbreak, Thanh Mien District Health Center has cured a patient who is an overseas Vietnamese (aged 11) returning home in the locality. In the third outbreak, Ninh Giang District Health Center has also cured 2 patients.

As for patients with underlying diseases, due to the mechanism of disease overlapping, Covid-19 can make the patients worse, or even endanger their livest. In addition, with different variations, the treatment for Covid-19 patients is also difficult. This third outbreak of Covid-19 in Hai Duong was caused by a variant from the UK. As the epidemic first broke out in Hai Duong, the team of nurses and doctors from the central to local levels initially got confused in treatment. Doctor Hoang Ngoc Lan, Director of the Chi Linh City Health Center, said that during the first few days, due to the lack of effective treatment methods, there were tens of patients at field hospital No.1 getting worse with lung damage and blood clot phenomena. More than 20 serious patients had to be transferred to the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases for treatment. After that, the doctors found a treatment method to use anticoagulants and rehydration water. Since then, field hospital No.1 almost had no cases of severe patients, no cases of being transferred to the central level. "Now, for any case of Covid-19 U.K variant like in the past time, our Health Center of district level can proactively handle it," said Mr. Lan confidently.

The success in treating Covid-19 patients in Hai Duong is also reflected in the fact that no doctors or nurses have been cross-infected, although Hai Duong had up to 3 field hospitals in operation and the provincial Hospital for Tropical Diseases also took part in treating the Covid-19 patients. According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Trung Chinh, Vice Director of the provincial Department of Health, after experiencing 3 epidemic outbreaks, especially the third one, the treatment for Covid-19 patients in Hai Duong has been significantly improved. The sharing of expertise from the central medical staff has helped improve Hai Duong's emergency resuscitation. The experience of treating Covid-19 patients is also the experience for treating infectious diseases in community.



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