Gia Loc – first locality completing 3rd phase of Covid-19 vaccination

THURSDAY, 10/06/2021 10:57:05

7,768 people in Hai Duong were vaccinated against Covid-19 in phase 3 on June 7 and 8, 1,875 of them got the 1st shots while 5,893 others received the 2nd shots, according to the Department of Health.

Vaccinating priority objects against Covid-19 at the Health Station of Hong Hung commune, Gia Loc district

None of them recorded severe post-injection reactions, and more than 1,000 people exhibited mild reactions like pain and swelling at the injection point, headache, light fever, etc.

Gia Loc district is the first locality in the province to complete the 3rd phase of Covid-19 vaccination.

This time, the district was given vaccines for 1,470 people at 19 injection sites (18 at commune and district town health stations and one at the district Medical Center).

Apart from Gia Loc district, eight other localities are implementing the 3rd phase of vaccination, namely the cities of Hai Duong and Chi Linh and the districts of Cam Giang, Ninh Giang, Kim Thanh, Thanh Ha, Tu Ky, and Thanh Mien.

The remaining localities, consisting of Nam Sach and Binh Giang districts and Kinh Mon provincial town, will begin vaccination on June 10.

The Department of Health has sent teams to inspect vaccination in the localities for timely urging and correction of limitations during injection sessions.

In the 3rd phase, Hai Duong was allocated 26,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses by the Ministry of Health for vaccination from June 7 – 22.

In the 4th phase, Hai Duong will receive 17,600 vaccine doses.

All Covid-19 vaccines in Hai Duong are from AstraZeneca.



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