Disadvantaged laborers in Thanh Ha timely supported

MONDAY, 30/08/2021 14:07:27

Thanh Ha is a district that has quickly and effectively realized the Government's Resolution 68 on some policies to support employees and employers facing difficulties caused by Covid-19.

Hoang Thi Hieu is happy to be timely supported after labor contract suspension


In a temporary house built five years ago on converted land, Hoang Thi Hieu, an accountant of Tan Viet Phat Services and Trading JSC. in Tan Viet commune, was very happy to be supported following Resolution 68.

Last times when having to be off work because of the epidemic, she made dossiers but was not assisted. This time, as soon as application, she and many other employees of the company were supported. She was offered VND3,710,000 plus VND1 million for having children under six years old.

Hieu's family is in difficult circumstances. From Bac Ninh, she followed her husband there to settle down. She and her husband raise three small children, and they often underfeed.

Since early this year, she has had to take five months off because of the epidemic. The company still paid insurance during initial waves but then did not have any source of income because of the prolonged epidemic, thus suspending insurance payment and contracts with many people this time.

"The support timely helped disadvantaged people have more conditions to cover their lives," Hieu joyfully said.

Shortly after the provincial People's Committee required district, provincial town, and city authorities to review and list laborers facing difficulties because of Covid-19 following Resolution 68, Thanh Ha was the first locality in the province to implement.

To date, there have been 13 eligible employees from Tan Viet Phat Services and Trading JSC. receiving assistance right at the beginning of August.

No object to be omitted

For disadvantaged people affected by Covid-19 to be supported in accordance with regulations, Thanh Ha district authorities have intensified propaganda for employees and business owners to understand the policies.

The district Radio Station propagandizes the Government's Resolution 68 and the Prime Minister's Decision 23 on assisting employees and employers encountering difficulties because of Covid-19 2 – 3 times a day.

Officials of the district Division of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs have formed a Zalo group with commune, town, and business officials for propaganda and guidance on review in accordance with each group of objects.

The division has so far coordinated with commune and town authorities to list more than 50 F1 cases in difficult circumstances and is making a dossier to request superiors' approval for support.

Previously, when Resolution 68 was yet to be issued, many F1 cases did not keep meal receipts during concentrated quarantine, so officials of the Division of Labor, War Invalids, and Social Affairs had to directly work with leaders of the district Medical Center for reissuance of receipts to have sufficient grounds and conditions to help them enjoy the regime.



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