Readiness for large-scale vaccination

TUESDAY, 27/07/2021 15:23:21

Vaccination against Covid-19 to create community immunity is one of important measures in the current context of complicated developments of the epidemic.

Officials of the Medical Station of Tan Binh ward, Hai Duong city, check first-aid medicine before the Covid-19 vaccination campaign

Hai Duong is rushing to prepare the best conditions for the 4th phase of vaccination of the people.

Assurance of proper objects

As a trader often having to go to other provinces to deliver goods, Nguyen Van Tam in Dai Uyen hamlet, Bach Dang commune, Kinh Mon provincial town, was very excited to know that he was subject to priority to be vaccinated against Covid-19 this time.

Not only youngsters, elderly people, especially those over 65, have also registered for vaccination.

"Last time, my children said that elderly people should not be vaccinated, so I hesitated. This time, I was informed that I was given priority for vaccination by members of the Community Covid team and also carefully learnt about the upcoming vaccines which are safe for the elderly, so I am ready to be injected," said Pham Van Hung in Doan Thuong commune, Gia Loc district.

To date, many local authorities in the province have basically finished letting people register for Covid-19 vaccination.

This time, the Department of Health enabled people in localities to register to assess their needs, thereby appropriately allocating vaccines to avoid shortage or surplus in any locality.

According to the assessment of district medical centers, compared to the previous phases, this time, people do not have many doubts about vaccination because there were no major post-vaccination incidents in the province in the past time. The health of most immunized people was stable, so a lot of people believe and want to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Apart from supervising those returning from other places, Community Covid teams in many localities in the province are also responsible for propaganda so that people will be clearly aware of the significance of vaccination against Covid-19.

When going to each family, hamlet, sub-hamlet, or residential area, the team members clearly notify the objects prioritized for injection this time, thereby ensuring fairness and transparency in the vaccination phase.

Urgent preparation

The Duc Minh Service Vaccination and Nutrition Consulting Center in Hai Duong city has been equipped with an -40oC cabinet to separately store Covid-19 vaccines

The Medical Station of Tuan Viet commune, Kim Thanh district, has carefully prepared all conditions to inject people as soon as receiving vaccines.

According to Vu Thi Hau, Head of the commune Medical Station, three officials of the station have attended vaccination training courses of the district Medical Center three times.

The commune Medical Station has also trained the remaining staff members in immunization-related knowledge.

The Duc Minh Service Vaccination and Nutrition Consulting Center in Hai Duong city has been mobilized to serve the 4th vaccination campaign.

According to Tran Thi Thuan, who is in charge of the center, the unit has prepared all conditions in terms of material facilities and human resources to ensure the vaccination of about 300 people against Covid-19 each day.

Besides on-site forces, the center also mobilized additional manpower and equipment from another facility in Ninh Giang.

To prepare for the 4th spell of Covid-19 vaccination, the Department of Health has organized training and guidance of vaccination workers in the province.

The department also checked and assessed the sites selected for injection for the last time.

Director of the department Pham Manh Cuong said this time, Hai Duong authorities mobilized 235 commune and ward medical stations, four public vaccination facilities, and more than 20 service vaccination facilities to serve Covid-19 vaccination.

More attention is paid to pre-injection screening. Aside from vaccination of proper objects, those coming for immunization will also be carefully examined to ensure safety. Mobile emergency teams and post-injection waiting rooms have been arranged at all vaccination sites to control the health of those injected and be ready to handle unexpected situations.

The provincial People's Committee has also established the Steering Board for Implementation of the Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign of Hai Duong Province to well execute the upcoming Covid-19 vaccination campaigns.

The steering board consists of 10 people under the leadership of Mr. Nguyen Minh Hung, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, Standing Deputy Head of the provincial Steering Board for Covid-19 Prevention and Control.

To date, the provincial Steering Board for Covid-19 Prevention and Control has announced the amount of vaccines to be allocated in the 4th phase.

Compared to the previous phases, this time, in addition to broader injection objects, there will be two new vaccines from the US.

The Ministry of Health also allows those having been injected with AstraZeneca vaccine to get their second shots with one of the two vaccines above. Hence, there will be greater opportunities for people to receive the second jabs.

At present, local authorities are urgently taking steps to immediately inject people when having vaccines. Based on the capability of injection sites, units will inform people to go to suitable places so as not to let them gather so crowded that safety from epidemic prevention will not be guaranteed.

The Department of Health has also required injection sites to propagandize 5K regulations for people to comply with as well as things they need to know upon vaccination in advance.
Hai Duong is the first province in the country to launch a Covid-19 vaccination campaign on March 8. To date, more than 97,000 people who are prioritized under the Government's Resolution 21 in the province have been vaccinated.

The Department of Health has suggested that the provincial Steering Board for Covid-19 Prevention and Control allocate more than 7,000 doses of Pfizer's Comirnaty vaccine and 45,360 doses of Moderna's Spikevax vaccine to districts, the provincial town, cities, and relevant units for the 4th vaccination phase.

People will be vaccinated from July 27 to August 19.


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