212 patients under medical treatment in Hai Duong were discharged from hospital

WEDNESDAY, 24/02/2021 09:30:50

From 16:00 on 12th February to 16:00 on 13th February, the whole province recorded 8 cases of Covid-19, the total number of Covid-19 cases in the whole province has accumulated to 625.


All of them are F1 cases. In which, 3 cases are in the outbreak of Kim Lien commune (Kim Thanh), 3 cases in Hai Duong city; 1 case in Chi Linh City and 1 case in Kinh Mon town.

As recorded during the day, 4 patients under medical treatment at Field Hospital No.2 (Hai Duong Medical Technical University Hospital) were discharged. The total number of patients discharged from hospital so far is 212 (158 patients treated at Field Hospital No.1 of Chi Linh City Medical Center, 52 patients treated at Field Hospital No.2; 2 patients treated at Ninh Giang District Medical Center).

In the above duration, the competent forces have traced 206 F1 cases (182 F1 in Kim Thanh, 23 F1 in Cam Giang). Up to now, the whole province has 4,158 F1 with termed quarantine, 10,811 F2 under home isolation.




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