Hai Duong has 6 more cases of Covid-19, only 4,300 people are kept in quarantine

TUESDAY, 23/02/2021 05:23:43

From 15:00 on 21st February to 15:00 on 22nd February, Hai Duong has recorded 6 Covid-19 cases, of which 2 cases are in Kinh Mon town, 2 in Kim Thanh district, 1 in Chi Linh city and 1 in Cam Giang district.

Among these, 5 cases are quarantined F1 cases; the only 1 community case in Kinh Mon town is a worker of POYUN Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Factory in Phu Thai industrial zone, Kim Thanh) and was tested by Medlatec Hospital.

The total number of cases in the province is 617. In which, Chi Linh City has 304 cases, Cam Giang 96, Kinh Mon town 71, Nam Sach 33, Hai Duong city 30, Kim Thanh 17, Binh Giang 4, Ninh Giang and Thanh Ha 3 cases each, Tu Ky, Gia Loc and Thanh Mien 1 case each.

The same day, the authorities have traced 511 cases of F1, amounting to 15,175 cases of F1 totally, but only 4,300 people are being kept in quarantine.



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