Businesses still neglect fire prevention

SATURDAY, 10/08/2019 14:13:31

Recently, the number of fires in Hai Duong province has suddenly surged, causing great damage to property.

Syntech Pharmaceutical JSC. lost over VND60 billion because of a fire

One of the reasons for the situation is that many businesses still neglect fire prevention and fighting (FPF).

According to statistics of the Division of FPF and Rescue Police (Division PC07 under the Provincial Police), in about only one month (June 16 - July 15), up to nine fires occurred in the province, equivalent to half of fires in the first six months of the year.

The number of fires at production facilities is on the rise with huge losses. For example, a fire burned up the entire 1,600m2 workshops, lines, equipment, and machinery of Syntech Pharmaceutical JSC. in Ba Hang industrial cluster (Hai Duong city), causing a total loss of about VND60 billion.

Most recently, on July 21, a fire burned down two workshops covering 14,000 m2, all sewing machines, and production materials of Makalot Garment Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Thanh Hai commune (Thanh Ha). The property loss caused by the fire amounted to nearly VND200 billion.

The reasons for the fires are being investigated by the police. However, according to a representative of the Division PC07, it is mainly due to the enterprises' limited on-site FPF.

Makalot Garment Vietnam Co., Ltd. suffered the great damage because of late fire detection and untimely in-place firefighting. Meanwhile, there were many goods in the workshops, most of them were flammable. When professional firefighting forces arrived, the fire had burned up nearly half of a workshop, so they could only focus on preventing the fire from spreading.

To realize the Provincial Police's plan, the Division PC07 is presiding and coordinating to check FPF at facilities in industrial zones and production facilities and warehouses at high risk of fires and explosions in residential areas.

From May 6 to July 30, the Division PC07 inspected 107 facilities, detected and suggested remedying of 392 shortcomings in FPF and rescue.

The limitations were mainly related to designs, design approval, and FPF acceptance; no records of rescue management, monitoring, planning, and practice; no basic fire fighting plan; no coverage of compulsory fire and explosion insurance; insufficient tools and means for grassroots FPF teams; etc.

The inspectors took minutes of 27 cases and imposed administrative fines totaling over VD94 million.

"In fact, many enterprises and industrial zones authorities are not aware of the significance of and do not attach special importance to FPF and rescue," said Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Chi, Head of the Division PC07's FPF Guidance and Safety Inspection Team.

"A lot of businesses are still passive, dependent, and even completely rely on professional FPF forces instead of investing in equipment and tool for initial FPF.

"With many inadequacies, grassroots FPF forces are not effective when incidents occur for lack of intensive staff."

There are very strict requirements for FPF at enterprises and production facilities, in which on-site FPF plays a particularly important role when incidents occur. However, there are still businesses perfunctorily building FPF systems.

"In the coming time, my division will continue checking FPF at the remaining facilities in industrial zones and production facilities and warehouses at high risk of fires and explosions in residential areas. Inspection forces will strictly handle enterprises intentionally committing violations. To protect the safety of people and property, businesses, especially leaders, should take the initiative and pay attention to well performing regulations on FPF and rescue," said Senior Lieutenant Colonel Ha Tien Dung, Head of the Division PC07.



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