Cam Giang has the first Rice ATM

FRIDAY, 26/02/2021 07:01:26

On 24th February afternoon, Hung Phat Trading and Service Joint Stock Company (Hai Duong City) cooperated with the Information Technology Association of Cam Giang district to organize the program "Rice of Love" to support Cam Giang district with 10 tons of rice for workers lodging in the district.

Workers receiving rice from the Rice ATM located at the entrance of Cam Giang district People's Committee 

A portion of rice will be distributed to workers lodging in Lai Cach town through the Rice ATM located at the entrance of the district People's Committee. When workers come to get the rice, through the camera system, the ATM will automatically release each person 5 kg. During the process of receiving rice, the workers must strictly abide by the regulations and spacing to ensure epidemic prevention.

The remaining rice amount will be presented to boarding workers in some other localities in the district through the District Fatherland Front Committee and Labor Federation.

Following Cam Giang district, the program will be held in the Kim Thanh district, Nam Sach district, Kinh Mon town, Chi Linh city and Hai Duong city. As of  24th February afternoon, the program has mobilized 50 tons of rice, of which 30 tons is Hoa Binh Construction Group.


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