Application helps clients manage consumed electricity via smartphones

TUESDAY, 27/07/2021 11:00:32

Hai Duong Power One Member Co., Ltd. has guided its clients on the installation of an application to look up the amount of electricity consumed daily via smartphones.

With the EVNNPC CSKH application, clients can check electricity consumption by themselves, look up electricity bills, meter readings, electricity collection points, power cut schedules, electricity prices, service request progress, etc.

After installation, clients only need to register an account, fill in all information, and input an OTP code to use the application's features.

However, the application has only been applied to areas having switched to distance electronic meters (using PLC and RF-Mesh technology) by the power sector. As for close electronic meters, only bills and monthly electricity consumption can be monitored.

Proactive monitoring of power indexes will enable clients to control the amount of electricity consumed and promptly detect abnormalities.



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