1,372 Chinese people immunized with Vero Cell vaccine

MONDAY, 26/07/2021 10:40:56

According to the Center for Disease Control of Hai Duong province, on July 23 and 24, 1,372 Chinese people in the province were immunized with Vero Cell vaccine.

Chinese people are injected with Vero Cell vaccine at the Medical Center of Thanh Mien district

There remain 128 doses unused because some people were ineligible or refused to be vaccinated.

Cam Giang district recorded the most Chinese people immunized (255), and Thanh Ha district the least (8).

The Department of Health has suggested that local authorities administer the remaining vaccine according to a list provided by the Chinese Embassy.

Those entitled to vaccination this time are Chinese citizens aged 18 years or older currently living and working in Hai Duong listed by the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam. All of them have not received any Covid-19 vaccine before.

Those who have been immunized with Vero Cell vaccine will receive the second shots on August 20 and 21.



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