When Hai Duong's agricultural products available on platforms

TUESDAY, 15/06/2021 17:24:47

I was relatively satisfied with the first time trying to order Hai Duong lychees on voso.vn e-commerce platform.

A bunch of lychee was carefully tied and quickly delivered, thus still fresh.

Indeed, it is quite new for me and many people to purchase fresh lychees on the internet and through e-commerce platforms because if possible, I often go to Thanh Ha, the hometown of thieu lychee, the market or fruit shops to buy.

This year, some friends and I tried buying lychees this way and felt relatively satisfied.

In the current context of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, I find remote lychee selling a good and flexible way for people to sell lychees without needing rescue.

This year, the provincial authorities have been more proactive in connecting lychee sale for people. I heard that the authorities of localities home to large lychee regions and the provincial authorities early planned to sell lychees on famous and reputable electronic transaction platforms like Sendo and Lazada. Reportedly, lychee growers were also trained, guided, and connected to businesses for sale in this form by relevant units.

It can be said that selling lychees through e-commerce platforms or social networking sites can solve two problems of diversifying selling channels, immediately catching up with the trend of modern commerce, and suiting the current complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic. Otherwise, Hai Duong lychees will encounter difficulties in consumption.

The provincial authorities' initiative and flexibility in selling this specialty fruit were demonstrated through a conference promoting sustainable trade for Thanh Ha lychee and specialty agricultural products of Hai Duong in 2021 last May. Many domestic and international points were connected. Since then, online trading has still been maintained.

As a result, to date, hundreds of businesses have associated with Hai Duong in selling agricultural products. More interestingly, there were not only domestic customers but also foreign partners associating and finding ways to buy Hai Duong lychees without going in person.

Such initiative and creativity were reciprocated when hundreds of tons of early and thieu lychees of Hai Duong were quickly and easily sold through e-commerce platforms. Hai Duong lychees became hot commodities on e-commerce platforms. From there, the opportunity for the brand and value of the province's specialty fruit to be elevated is also easier.

Online selling has been applied by many people in the epidemic season. When markets, trade centers, and even stores had to close for epidemic prevention, taking full advantage of social networks to sell goods has helped numerous people maintain revenue or even earn good revenue.

Personally, I think the provincial authorities and functional sectors were relatively flexible and creative when proactively selling lychees online.

Experience in selling on e-commerce platforms in this lychee crop can be applied to many other products of Hai Duong, especially agricultural ones, because the province has not only lychees but also winter vegetables, custard apples, longans, high quality rice, etc. All of them will have consumption opportunities when being put on e-commerce platforms.

Aside from domestic e-commerce platforms, the provincial authorities can introduce and assist individuals or enterprises with selling on major e-commerce sites in the world like Alibaba and Amazon. Only then will Hai Duong's products have more opportunities to reach out, product value be higher, and producers earn better income.



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