Proactively prevent the Epidemic in a New Normal State

WEDNESDAY, 31/03/2021 11:41:02

From 1st April, Hai Duong will switch to a new normal state, focusing on the implementation of dual goal: proactively preventing the Covid-19 epidemic, concurrently actively overcoming difficulties to promote socio-economic development.

According to Notice No. 161-TB/TU of the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee on the change to the new state of Covid-19 epidemic prevention, from 0:00 a.m. on 1st April, the whole province of Hai Duong will terminate the implementation of Directive 19 of the Prime Minister to switch to a new normal state, focusing on the implementation of dual goal of proactively preventing the Covid-19 epidemic and concurrently actively overcoming difficulties to promote socio-economic development.

The Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee requires all levels of the Party committees, authorities, Fatherland Front and other political and social organizations, the Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and fighting, agencies, institutions and businesses not to neglect and overlook the prevention of the epidemic; to continue strengthening the leadership and guidance of the party committees and authorities in the Covid-19 prevention.

The head of the party committee, authorities, each agency, institution and locality must regularly guide and directly inspect the performance of Covid-19 prevention measures with the spirit of "4 on the spot" and "5 clear"; to build scenario to actively respond to Covid-19 epidemic in all possible situations; to ensure epidemic safety during the election of delegates for the National Assembly and People's Council of all levels for the 2021 – 2026 tenure.

People are asked to strictly observe the 5K, to maintain wearing masks when leaving home and in public places. All people, agencies and businesses are encouraged to limit parties and exchanges, to strictly comply with regulations on epidemic prevention when organizing funerals, weddings, crowded events...

To continue to suspend non-essential services with epidemic spreading risk and difficulties to control such as bars, discos, karaoke, massage, movie theaters, game service shop until 15th April. Restaurants and kitchenettes are allowed to serve on the spot but required to ensure strict implementation of epidemic prevention measures and to sign commitments with the local authorities before being permitted to resume operation; Outdoor eateries and fresh beer bars serving large numbers of people are temporarily not allowed to operate until 15th April inclusively. Hai Duong City, Chi Linh City and Kim Thanh District can apply more practical solutions.

To continue to strengthen, maintain and improve the performance of "Covid Prevention Community" and "Covid Safety" groups; To continue to take testing specimens for those who have symptoms of cough, fever, and shortness of breath in the community.

The Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee also agreed to allow all educational levels in the whole province to go to school again from 1st April. However, schools must evaluate themselves according to the set of Covid-19 safety school criteria, and if they can ensure safety, they can do; To continue to stop extracurricular activities, life skills education, provincial competitions and exchanges; delay the time to organize the entrance exam of grade 10 in 2021-2022 school year one week compared to the original plan.

To continue to tighten the Covid-19 prevention in enterprises, especially those outside industrial zones. Periodically take random specimens to test experts and workers in enterprises so as to promptly detect the risk of the epidemic. Workers from other provinces returning to enterprises for work must be tested and are permitted to work if they have negative results only.

The provincial police are responsible for coordinating with the district People's Committees to strictly manage foreign workers in the province. All immigration cases must be kept in quarantine for 14 days and continue  home isolation at the company or at their temporary residence for 7 days and must have a negative test result before returning to work; to timely detect and strictly handle cases of illegal entry.




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