Department of Natural Resources and Environment strives to improve administrative reform rank

THURSDAY, 05/08/2021 19:56:31

Thanks to drastic direction and specific measures, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (NRE) made remarkable changes in administrative reform (AR) in the past seven months.

By the end of July, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment had received 1,032 dossiers, nearly 90% of which were handled before the due date, and the rest on time

Limitations immediately remedied

In the past two years, the NRE Department's AR remained at the 17th position out of 18 departments and branches of the province.

In 2020, some AR indicators were low. For example, the administrative procedure (AP) reform indicator only got 9.229/16 points for slow counseling of the provincial People's Committee to announce an AP list as decided by the NRE Ministry and the provincial People's Committee...

After knowing the 2020 AR grade, the NRE Department frankly pointed out that apart from large workload as the objective cause, there were subjective ones, including lack of close direction of leaders of some divisions and units and limited awareness of some officials and public servants about implementing tasks related to AR contents.

Leaders of the NRE Department directed immediate remedying of shortcomings and limitations in each AR sub-norms. In which, subordinate divisions and units were required to review and clearly define reasons and work out remedies, especially for AR sub-indexes with low points.

In March 2021, the NRE Department issued a plan to overcome the shortcomings and limitations in performing a number of AR norms and sub-norms. This was the first time the department had promulgated a specific plan, specified each sub-norm to improve the AR index, and been determined to heighten the AR rank in 2021 and the following years.

According to director of the department Hoang Van Thuc, to create changes in the awareness and actions of officials and laborers and enhance the responsibility of leaders of divisions and units, the department associated AR with the implementation of their professional work and defined AR as one of criteria for annual emulation evaluation and a basis to mobilize and rearrange officials and public servants.

To improve AR norms, the department required divisions and units to clearly define the targets to be achieved, implementation time and progress and clearly assign responsibilities in line with functions, duties, and the actual situation.

Positive changes

Thanks to the measures taken, the NRE Department achieved positive results in AR in the past seven months. Many businesses acknowledged and appreciated these changes.

Due to a large number of papers in each AP and a need for field inspection, the timely and early processing of APs requires efforts of professional officials.

By the end of July, the NRE Department had received 1,032 dossiers, 995 of which were solved with nearly 90% of the dossiers handled before the due date, and the rest on time.

Dinh Thi Nhan, an employee of Dai An JSC. in Hai Duong city, annually processes more than 20 land-related APs.

Since early this year, Nhan has submitted a number of dossiers requesting land use right certificates and land adjustment for secondary enterprises in Dai An industrial zone.

“At present, the processing of APs under the jurisdiction of the NRE Department is much more convenient and easier. All results were received before the deadline,” said Nhan.

“Particularly, at time of Covid-19 impacts, some staff members of the NRE sector had to be isolated at home, the NRE Department sent a document to units to announce the suspension of related APs, reflecting the serious working spirit of the sector.

“The current AP handling process and time have created favorable conditions for enterprises, helping to reduce waiting time and save costs.”

Vu Thi Thu Ha, Head of the Controlling Board of Vietnam Rubber Industrial Zone and Urban Development JSC. (the investor of Cong Hoa industrial zone in Chi Linh city), affirmed that the handling of APs related to the NRE Department is increasingly convenient and quick. Officials enthusiastically work and give specific and sufficient guidance on the processing of procedures, creating favorable conditions for businesses.

Not only clearly improving AP processing, in the first seven months of the year, the NRE Department also advised the provincial authorities to announce an AP list and approve an internal process within the management scope and function of the sector.

The classification and assessment of officials, public servants, and employees are based on results of implementing assigned tasks and associated with the situation and results of AR.

More and more attention has been paid to the organizational reform of the state administrative apparatus.

The department has been reviewing and rearranging the organizational structure, appointing, rotating, and changing working positions in 2021.



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