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THURSDAY, 02/09/2021 07:07:01

Efforts, specific actions, and a determination to overcome challenges have brought about many positive results in Hai Duong's digital transformation process.

Hai Duong authorities have proactively cooperated with technology businesses and corporations to realize the digital transformation strategy. In the photo: The online signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the provincial authorities and FPT Corporation

Strong transformation

Smart Hai Duong has been one of applications frequently accessed by Hoang Hai Yen in Tran Binh Trong street, Hai Duong city, for a long time.

"As a shop owner, I often care about monitoring epidemic developments as well as updating myself on new epidemic prevention regulations. At present, all smartphones in my family have this application," said Yen.

Through the mass media, Kang Seung Oh, Marketing and Business Development Manager of RSM Vietnam Auditing and Consulting Ltd.'s Ha Noi Office, knew the External Relations Portal of Hai Duong province.

"Information is updated with many interesting contents for foreign investors, such as development potential, investment attraction policies, incentive policies, etc. To foreigners, especially investors, these are important references to decide investment in the locality," said Kang.

These are specific demonstrations of the positive results in the province's digital transformation process, acknowledged by people as well investors.

Information technology infrastructure of State agencies has gradually been invested in, basically meeting state management needs of officials and public servants, especially the roadmap for transition to IPv6 (the latest IP protocol with many outstanding improvements) for all networks and online services of the provincial State agency bloc in 2023, two years earlier than the roadmap given by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

This is a basis for Hai Duong to target the 5th generation of mobile communication technology (5G) as well as internet-of-things (IoT) connection.

Along with that, thanks to the support of many sectors and localities, Hai Duong has sold agricultural products on e-commerce platforms for the first time, most notably Thanh Ha lychee.

As the trend of online shopping is becoming more and more popular, the putting of agricultural products on platforms has contributed to developing the market, creating more opportunities for Hai Duong's agricultural products to reach many domestic and international market segments.

Particularly, in the context of Covid-19's great impacts on all activities of the province in a bad way, the digital transformation process has taken place more strongly and comprehensively.

During epidemic prevention and control, there were many highlights in technological application, like ensuring the infrastructure of communication, telecommunications, and information technology for epidemic checkpoints, field hospitals, concentrated quarantine areas, etc.

Most remarkable is Smart Hai Duong application, which is trusted and frequently accessed by many people. This is the province's official information channel which regularly provides information about the direction and administration of Party committees, authorities, agencies, and units in the province as well as epidemic developments.

The application has recently been integrated with many utilities to unify technological platforms in epidemic prevention and control.
Such specific efforts and actions helped Hai Duong rise to the 17th place among 20 localities taking the lead in readiness for information and communications technology development and application in Vietnam (Vietnam ICT Index) in 2020.

Success targeted

Realizing the extremely important role of digital transformation when implementing the 17th provincial Party Congress's resolution, the provincial Party and People's Committees have assigned the Department of Information and Communications to propose digital transformation contents in the 2021 – 2025 period with a vision to 2030.

Hai Duong aims to comprehensively synchronize digital transformation throughout the province, become one of 15 provinces and cities with the highest indexes of digital government and economy in the country, form and develop a safe and convenient digital environment for maximal service of people and enterprises' needs for production, business, and daily life by 2030.

An important resolution on building the province's information technology infrastructure, including a smart monitoring and administration center, a security operations center (SOC), and information technology infrastructure of the provincial data center for e-government and smart urban areas was approved at the 2nd session of the 17th provincial People's Council for the 2021 – 2026 tenure.

Hai Duong authorities also cooperated with information technology enterprises to organize a seminar on digital transformation.

Especially, the provincial authorities have signed a cooperation agreement with FPT Corporation to carry out digital transformation tasks in the 2021 – 2025 period.

Nine specific cooperation contents target mobilization of resources of the whole province and FPT Corporation to strengthen comprehensive digital transformation from State agencies to businesses and people in the ways of living, working, production, and consumption based on digital technology.

This cooperation aims to gradually turn Hai Duong into one of the leading provinces in the country in digital transformation with three pillars, namely digital government, digital economy, and digital society.

"Aside from promoting the propaganda of digital transformation through the media, mechanisms and policies encouraging people and businesses to use digital services as well as fostering the development of digital infrastructure are one of important measures," assessed Director of the Department of Information and Communications Nguyen Cao Thang.

Departments, branches, and local authorities should intensify coordination in implementing digital transformation tasks, detect and invest in valuable digital transformation initiatives and experience.

Telecom and information technology businesses, key subjects in digital transformation, should research on and develop applications and solutions to create a foundation for digital transformation.

People should actively and proactively raise their awareness about and skills in technological application. It will be difficult for digital transformation to be successful if people lack knowledge and cannot master technology.

Digital transformation will be a "golden key" bringing about unprecedented opportunities for Hai Duong, from improving the performance of the government to creating new impetus for the whole society's growth.



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