Fund of mutual affection

WEDNESDAY, 09/06/2021 20:51:35

The Covid-19 Vaccine Fund will help many disadvantaged people and regions have conditions and opportunities to be fairly vaccinated.

Yesterday, a friend of mine, who has been settling abroad for a long time, sent a message asking about the situation of epidemic prevention and control in her homeland. Seemingly anxious, she asked me about transparency in mobilizing, receiving, managing, and using Covid-19 vaccine funds.

In the country where she is living, vaccination or not is the right of each individual, and anyone needing and having money can be immunized. Therefore, despite a developed economy, only 1 – 2% of the population of the country have been vaccinated.

Then she wondered who would buy vaccines, how to buy, what was the order of priority for injections, etc.

It is right for her to care because her parents are still living in Vietnam, always update information, and cannot avoid inaccurate news.

I told her that the freshly-introduced Covid-19 Vaccine Fund is a demonstration of the humanity and preeminence of the Vietnamese political system.

She must remember during our childhood at home, we even shared a piece of potato or a manioc with each other. She must also remember in the old days, whenever someone in our village was sick, others would gather and take turns carrying the sick person on a stretcher to the hospital. Life was difficult with many privations, but those in misfortune were always helped by their neighbors and relatives. That is the spirit of mutual affection for us to build the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund.

In the special context of epidemic prevention and control, fundraising for Covid-19 vaccines is the key to an opportunity to win the epidemic.

The fund is closely supervised by the State and the community. Information about donations to the fund is publicized on the mass media. Up to commune, ward, hamlet, and residential area levels, all activities of collecting, supporting and using funds are announced on loundspeaker systems and commonly monitored by the entire community.

I sent my friend a message about our belief in the management and use of the fund because the Ministry of Finance had immediately set up the Management Board of the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund at the State Treasury, and accounts had been instantaneously opened for the provincial Fatherland Front Committee to receive donations to the provincial fund.

Up to VND14,500 billion has been taken from the Central budget to buy Covid-19 vaccines. However, about VND25,200 billion is required to buy 150 million vaccine doses to administer 75 million people, so we need great contributions of the whole community.

I also told my friend that her parents in our hometown had donated VND200,000 to the fund and their names were mentioned on the hamlet’s loudspeakers. Many children, elderly people, disadvantaged people, etc. have saved up and sent messages to support the fund with even VND5,000 or VND10,000.

We pin our hopes and belief on this fund because the Vietnamese Government has strived from very early to seek vaccine sources, and Vietnam is one of the first countries in Southeast Asia to contract for AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine purchase.

The Government, ministries, and sectors have been taking many measures at the same time to get the most vaccines as soon as possible.

In parallel with actively approaching vaccines in the world, Vietnam has also promoted domestic vaccine research and production because it is one of the first four countries in the world to successfully subdivide SARS-CoV-2, opening the way for the posibility to study and produce vaccines.

Besides, Vietnam also plans to buy vaccine copyrights, access vaccine transfer, cooperate on research, and associate with vaccine producers in the world.

Much remains to be cared about and discussed like a mechanism to coordinate the fund between regions, localities, and areas; order of priority for vaccination objects; selection of quality vaccines; etc.

However, the urgent and drastic spirit in epidemic prevention and control and all public and transparent steps of the Government and the entire political system have made people and the business community feel secure, have confidence, and unanimously fight the epidemic.

Eventually, the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund will help many disadvantaged people and regions have conditions and opportunities to be fairly vaccinated.

My friend quietly transferred money to me as a small contribution to her homeland.



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