For a safe SEA Games

WEDNESDAY, 18/05/2022 16:14:09

The 31st SEA Games table tennis event held in Hai Duong is entering the most exciting and dramatic competition days.

Hai Duong traffic police lead a sport delegation attending the 31st SEA Games from Nam Cuong Hotel to the provincial Gymnasium

To date, all activities to ensure security, order, and traffic safety have been done by the organizers as planned for a successful and impressive SEA Games.

Major Nguyen Van Quy, Head of the Traffic - Order Police Team (Hai Duong City Police), said the unit had worked out scenarios and anticipated that many people may flock to the Gymnasium and the Xu Dong Cultural Center at the same time to make division plans to avoid congestion and ensure security, order, and traffic safety.

The team has closely coordinated with other units to grasp the situation and conduct armed patrols to prevent illegal motorbike racing, swinging, etc. in Hai Duong city and related areas from affecting leaders, referees, coaches, players, etc. during the 31st SEA Games.

An officer of the Traffic - Order Police Team (Hai Duong City Police) takes children across Thanh Nien street

The 31st SEA Games is not only a mere sport competition but also an event of political, cultural, social, and diplomatic significance contributing to strengthening solidarity and friendship between the people of Vietnam in general and Hai Duong in particular and peoples of ASEAN countries. Therefore, Hai Duong is creating images of smooth and friendly traffic, leaving many good impressions on domestic and international sport delegations.

"It's great to come to Vietnam! Our safety is always guaranteed by the organizers. We are led by traffic police whenever going out for practice or competition, so the movement is convenient and fast without much impact on local people. I will definitely return after the 31st SEA Games as a visitor to explore the culture and character of Hai Duong," said Ting Ledesma, head of the Filipino table tennis delegation.

Hai Duong traffic police have made plans to ensure traffic safety during the 31st SEA Games

Not only international friends, the organizers' attentive reception has also impressed the Vietnamese table tennis delegation.

"Hai Duong authorities' reception is very thoughtful, accommodation and practice venues are very good, transport is smooth, and Hai Duong people are very friendly and cheer enthusiastically, creating great motivation for us during competition," said player Nguyen Anh Tu.



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