EPS tests for work in RoK open to applications

FRIDAY, 17/03/2023 14:50:59

Laborers passing Korean language and workmanship tests can work in the Republic of Korea (RoK) under the Employment Permit System (EPS).

Laborers register for a test at the Hai Duong Employment Services - Vocational Education Center on An Dinh street, Viet Hoa ward, Hai Duong city

The Hai Duong Employment Services - Vocational Education Center under the provincial Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs is accepting applications of those wishing to work in the RoK following the EPS from March 20 – 24.

Applicants will take two tests, one for their Korean language skills and one for their workmanship. Only those passing the former can register for the latter.

Qualifiers will work in the RoK in the fields of manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and fishery.

Chi Linh citizens are not allowed to register for the tests this time because many local workers are illegally residing in the RoK and more than 27% of laborers have not returned home after contract expiry.

Laborers in the remaining localities of the province who used to work in the RoK and returned home on time can apply for the tests.

Candidates cheating at the tests will be banned from the EPS for four years.

This is the first Korean language test in Hai Duong in 2023 for eligible workers to go to work in the RoK under the EPS.



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