Nghi Khe – longevity village

SATURDAY, 04/02/2023 06:47:17

Nghi Khe hamlet, Tan Ky commune, Tu Ky district, is commonly called a longevity village because more than 1,000 elders aged 60 upward, including three over 100 years old, are living there.

102-year-old Nguyen Thi Ty still has a sound mind and likes to do housework

The hamlet also has the first or second largest number of elderly people in Hai Duong province.

Nguyen Nang Xoa, Head of Nghi Khe hamlet, excitedly gave us a list of elders in the locality and said two third of 197 elders wished longevity in the commune this 2023 spring were from Nghi Khe hamlet.

He said living happily and loving labor are secrets to the villagers’ longevity and took us to the family of Nguyen Thi Ty, 102 years old.

Many elderly people in Nghi Khe play chess together in their free time

At this rare age, Ty still had a sound mind when telling her joy at her descendants’ reunion during the recent Lunar New Year holidays.

“I think that I must always be happy and love working to live a long and healthy life. I often share unhappy things with my descendants. I am also always optimistic to make big things small and sadness quickly over. I eat a lot of vegetables, a little meat, all of which are insipidly cooked, and various kinds of grains, and drink boiled water,” said Ty. 

More than 100 years old, Ty was still diligent in doing housework and remembered the name of each grandchild and great-grandchild to give lucky money last Lunar New Year.

Nghi Khe villagers daily eat home-made vegetables and food, ensuring food safety

In Nghi Khe hamlet, there are many clubs for elderly people to live a happy and healthy life, such as chess, dancing, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, etc. All three sub-hamlets in Nghi Khe have at least two gymnastic, sport, and musical clubs for the elderly.

“Elderly people in Nghi Khe are very diligent in taking exercise and playing sports,” said Nguyen Huu Phien, 71 years old in Hung Thang sub-hamlet.

“We often go to the hamlet’s cultural house to play volleyball or to each other's house to play chess in the afternoon. In the evening, elders take exercise or dance.

The road to Nghi Khe hamlet is always clear, clean, and beautiful

“Apart from practicing to improve our physical health, we feel mentally comfortable when participating in clubs for elderly people.”

In the hamlet, the elderly really love working. Although many families are well-off, a lot of elders still do the garden.

Nghi Khe is a large hamlet of Tan Ky commune with more than 5,000 people. The life of villagers is quite good with dense high-rises and per capita income of more than 70 million VND/ year thanks to cultivation, animal husbandry, labor export, etc. Good economy and stable income enable families in the hamlet to take good care of elders.


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