Thoughtfully taking workers back to factories

TUESDAY, 31/01/2023 16:58:08

After Lunar New Year holidays, employees were eager to return to work, businesses checked all machine systems, and trade unions thoughtfully prepared many activities to welcome back workers.

Many employees are happy to be brought back to work by their companies

On the first working day of the lunar new year, Regent Garment Factory Ltd. and its Trade Union organized a lucky draw and lion dance performances to welcome employees back to its factories.

The business owner spent over 500 million VND on the program as a new year “lucky” gift for the workers with a desire to bring them luck and joy.

Pham Dinh Hoa, Chairman of the company’s Trade Union, said on the first day of work, the union and the business owner went to each production line to extend New Year wishes and encourage employees to work hard and overcome difficulties with the enterprise.

Along with the organization of activities to arouse the working spirit of employees, a lot of businesses arranged vehicles to take workers from far away back to work, such as Sumidenso Vietnam Co., Ltd. (14 vehicles) and Brother Industries (Vietnam) Ltd. (37 vehicles).

“We workers can take free buses to return to our hometown and come back to work every Lunar New Year. I think not many businesses can do this,” said Giang Thi Ngoc (from Yen Bai), who is working for Brother Industries (Vietnam) Ltd. in Phuc Dien industrial park, Cam Giang district.

Sumidenso Vietnam Co., Ltd.’s employees who live far away are taken back to its factories to work

Doan Quang Huan, a Trade Union official of Sumidenso Vietnam Co., Ltd. said before Tet, the Trade Union and the company jointly presented more than 9,800 gifts to employees.

Before taking the workers back to work, the company contracted with some enterprises to clean its factories. The technical department was responsible for carefully examining and maintaining machinery before resumption of operation. All production lines ran smoothly.

820 enterprises with about 270,000 employees in the province have formed trade unions. While some businesses resumed operation on January 27, many others did not take their employees back to work until January 30.

On the first working day of the lunar new year, 99% of Sumidenso Vietnam Co., Ltd.’s workers went back to work. Most of the absentees were on leave.

As Regent Garment Factory Ltd.’s factory in Nam Sach industrial park resumed operation on January 27, only 100 workers were absent.



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