17th Hai Duong provincial People's Council convenes 12th session this morning

WEDNESDAY, 07/12/2022 08:35:37

The 17th provincial People's Council opened the 12th session (regular year-end one) on December 7 morning at the Xu Dong Cultural Center.

Delegates at the session

During the session, the provincial People's Council will consider reports of the provincial People’s Committee on the implementation of the 2022 socio-economic development plan and a socio-economic development plan for 2023; the performance of 2022 local budget estimates, a local budget allocation plan for 2023, and a financial - State budget plan for three years from 2023 to 2025; and results of citizen reception, settlement of citizens' complaints and denunciations, anti-corruption, and thrift practice against waste in 2022, orientations and key tasks for 2023.

The provincial People’s Committee will offer the provincial People’s Council proposals on the adjustment of the public investment plan using the State budget in 2022; advocacy of some public investment projects using local and provincial budgets in the 2021 – 2025 period; arrangement, mergence, division, and establishment of several hamlets and residential areas; and many other important issues.

As planned, the session will take place on December 7 and 8.



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