Hitachi Cable Company’s workers save food

MONDAY, 21/11/2022 20:59:02

The Trade Union of Hitachi Cable Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Tan Truong industrial park, Cam Giang district, launched the Food Saving Week last August to prevent food waste and encourage minimization of negative environmental impacts.

Workers of Hitachi Cable Vietnam Co., Ltd. who eat up their meals will be given gift vouchers for soft drinks, yogurt, etc.

Trade-unionists have raised their sense of responsibility and properly observed the Food Saving Week.

Hitachi Cable Vietnam, a wholly-Japanese invested limited liability company, is employing more than 500 workers. The unit specializes in trading electrical cables and assembling cables and printer rollers.

According to the company’s Trade Union, each worker’s meal costs 25,000 VND. Though the meals’ quality is always guaranteed, some workers leave their food unfinished perhaps due to fatigue or weather.

To fix the situation, the company’s Trade Union persuaded the workers to save food. Every month, during the Food Saving Week, the business will choose one saving day without notice. Employees will receive gift vouchers for soft drinks, yogurt, etc. if finishing off their meals, otherwise they are not considered economizers and cannot receive any gift.

Although there is only one saving day each month, after many months of regular implementation, food saving spirit has spread, raising the awareness of many employees.

Before the launching of the movement, there were dozens of kilograms of leftovers each day. The collection of leftovers also takes many stages and time because food that can be used in animal husbandry and waste must be classified, which wastes both labor and money of the enterprise.

The company contracted with an animal husbandry business to collect leftovers. However, since the implementation of this movement, the amount of leftovers has decreased significantly.

Nguyen Duc Thuong, Chairman of the company’s Trade Union, said Japanese leaders are very thrifty and often do not leave their food unfinished.

The goal of saving is cost minimization. This will help the business increase profits and have funds to develop and take care of its employees.

To make the meaningful movement more and more pervasive, in the time to come, the Trade Union’s executive board will work out a form of reward for groups well saving food and intensify propaganda to form and preserve the culture of thrift at the enterprise.



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