Continued caution urged for international arrivals as testing dropped

FRIDAY, 20/05/2022 16:39:33

People should still be vigilant and health protection measures should be maintained.

People entering Vietnam at Noi Bai International Airport

The General Department of Preventive Medicine has urged continuing surveillance, early detection and swift resolution of new COVID-19 outbreaks, especially unusual ones related to people entering the country.

Last Wednesday, the Government and the Ministry of Health issued updated instructions on pandemic control, primarily the suspension of COVID testing being a requirement to enter the country and the scrapping of medical declarations for national and international travel. 

However, the department said that people should still be vigilant and health protection measures should be maintained. Instructions at border gates on pandemic control in Vietnam should be in various forms and languages, suitable for different residents at different border gates.

To implement COVID-19 prevention and control measures in the new situation and to protect people's health, the department requested concerned organisations to strictly comply with instructions of the Government and the MoH, ensuring pandemic prevention and control and also creating favourable conditions to promote socio-economic development.

Organisations must actively update pandemic information and carry out communication activities on COVID-19 prevention and control based on its current situation.

Also in the letter, the department recommended that localities regularly check and promptly handle arising problems or report to the department to jointly solve them.



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