Hai Duong ensures security and order for SEA Games 31

WEDNESDAY, 04/05/2022 15:37:02

Hai Duong provincial Police has prepared plans to ensure absolute safety for the organization of table tennis competitions of the 31st SEA Games in the province.

The flying squad has increased night patrols to promptly prevent and handle law violations

In recent days, the provincial Police has focused on carrying out a peak phase of cracking down on crime (from April 10 to May 30) to ensure absolute security and safety, contributing to successfully organizing the 31st SEA Games without even the least negligence.

Police agencies have reviewed, supplemented, perfected, and concentrated on realizing plans to ensure security and order in accordance with the developments of the Covid-19 epidemic and plans and programs of the 31st SEA Games.

"Since the first day of the peak phase, we have increased night patrols along key routes and in important areas, especially some national highways and Hai Duong city," said Captain Nguyen Tien Luc, Head of the provincial Police's Flying Squad.

"These activities will be strengthened during the SEA Games to combat robbers and those using weapons or dangerous weapons to intentionally cause injury or disrupt public order."

Police agencies have proactively identified and promptly fought emerging crimes related to the 31st SEA Games, especially investigating and handling betting cases, hi-tech crimes, and crimes and violations of the laws on environment and food safety, to create a safe and healthy environment for the organization of the 31st SEA Games.

Attention has also been paid to managing residence, foreigners, entry and exit, and investment and business subject to security and order conditions.

Staff members of the provincial Gymnasium are trained in fire prevention and fighting and rescue

The provincial Police's Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting and Rescue has guided the Fire Prevention and Fighting Team of the provincial Gymnasium on fire prevention and fighting, self-inspection, and development of fire fighting plans and processes for initial fire fighting and evacuation in fire and explosion conditions.

Trainees were instructed on how to use initial fire fighting means and handle gas, petrol and oil fires; movements and skills to move and give first aid to victims in a fire; etc.

The provincial Police has reviewed and checked accommodation facilities and other locations related to the SEA Games on fire prevention and fighting and rescue.

These facilities were guided and required to remedy limitations and shortcomings to ensure the best conditions. To date, these facilities have basically fulfilled the police's requirements.



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