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Through the lens of history

MONDAY, 14/09/2020 16:28:38

During Vietnam’s wars of resistance and its process of national rebuilding, reporters from the Vietnam News Agency travelled wherever needed to record historic moments as they unfolded.

Their photos have lived on and become an essential part of the historical record. Many photos received noble medals and prizes, as recognition from the Party, the State and the people. Such honours also affirm the prestige the national news agency held within the revolutionary press.

COMPATRIOTS: A photo by Vu Dinh Hong featuring President Ho Chi Minh receiving heroes and heroines from the South in the President Palace in Ha Noi in November 1965
A WAVE OF A BATON: This photo, considered a symbol of national solidarity, features President Ho Chi Minh conducting the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra in singing a song of solidarity at a gala celebrating the third National Party Congress in Bach Thao Park, Ha Noi, on September 3, 1960. Photographer Le Hong Long was awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize in Literature & Arts, the highest award of its kind, for this photo
MOMENT OF TRIUMPH: Vietnam’s flag flying atop the French command bunker in Dien Bien Phu, marking the victory of the Vietnamese people and army over the French on May 7, 1954. Photographer Trieu Dai of the Vietnam News Agency was awarded the State Prize in Literature and Arts in 2000 for his photo collection on the victorious Dien Bien Phu battle
STRUGGLE CONTINUES: “Road to the Front” by photographer Van Sac, who received the State Prize in 2006 for this photo. It shows trucks from the north driving through bombed out sections of jungle to the south in 1975 during the historic Ho Chi Minh Campaign
FINAL BREAKTHROUGH: One of the first tanks to arrive at Independence Palace in Sai Gon on April 30, 1975. The photo was taken by journalist Tran Mai Huong, former Editor-in-Chief of Vietnam News and former General Director of the Vietnam News Agency

Writers of history

Throughout its 75 years, staff from the Vietnam News Agency witnessed key moments in the country’s history, living among the people to reflect every aspect of life.

WITNESSES TO HISTORY: President Ho Chi Minh (fourth from left, front row), Vice President Ton Duc Thang (third from left), and Chairman of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee Truong Chinh (6th from left), photographed with journalists covering the third National Party Congress in 1960. The woman sitting between President Ho and Truong Chinh is journalist Huynh Ngoc Huong from the Vietnam News Agency, while the man (with glasses) sitting behind the President is journalist Le Ba Thuyen, deputy director of the Vietnam News Agency
UNDER ATTACK: Staff from VNA watch a US bombing raid from the top of the office building at 18 Tran Hung Dao Street, Ha Noi, in December 1972
TOWARDS THE STORY: A group of VNA journalists from Ha Noi heading to the south in 1975
DAILY REPORTS: The printing department of the Vietnam News Agency in Ha Noi worked day and night in 1975 to print news on the war in the south
BEYOND REPORTING: Journalists from VNA’s Da Nang office spray antiseptic solution in Son Tra district during the COVID-19 outbreak in the city in August, 2020



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