[Photos] Character of Hai Duong provincial culture

SATURDAY, 23/04/2022 06:58:32

The specific value of Hai Duong province is featured by traditional festivals, customs, practices, beliefs, religions, folk games, performing arts, etc.

Hai Duong is also famous for special products and delicate culinary culture imbued with the soul of villages in the Northern delta.

Such cultural value and traditions that make up the characteristics and richness have formed the lyrical, optimistic, romantic, and friendly character of the culture of Hai Duong people.

Kiep Bac temple festival…

… and Nguyen Trai temple festival are part of Con Son – Kiep Bac Autumn Festival

The provincial water puppet performances always attract a large number of spectators

Quat temple festival in Yet Kieu commune, Gia Loc district – one of Hai Duong provincial festivals given the national intangible cultural heritage status

Clay firecracker playing - a unique folk game maintained in Ninh Giang and Tu Ky districts

Contest of cooking rice on the river – part of Hao Xa pagoda festival in Thanh Xa commune, Thanh Ha district

Grandmother and granddaughter perform ca tru (ceremonial singing)

Cheo (traditional operetta) performance at Hai Duong provincial Cheo Theatre

Hai Duong News – Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism


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