[Photos] Beauty of Phu Luong iron bridge

TUESDAY, 13/09/2022 16:04:27

Phu Luong bridge across the Thai Binh river, Hai Duong city, was completed and put into use in 1921, 18 years after Long Bien bridge in Ha Noi.

Along with railway construction, the French colonials built road No. 5, Ha Noi – Hai Phong, and used Phu Luong bridge to serve vehicles crossing the river.

However, the bridge built by the French colonials was destroyed by the US aggressors' B52 bombs during the devastating war.

The bridge was rebuilt after peace had been restored. Although somehow losing its original form, Phu Luong bridge still has its own beauty.

Phu Luong bridge is managed by Ha Hai Railway Management Company and daily contributes to ensuring the safety of many trains passing the Ha Noi - Hai Phong railway

In 1996, when the new Phu Luong bridge was built and put into use, the old one was renovated to serve trains in the middle and motorbikes, pedestrians... on both corridors of the bridge

Dawn on Phu Luong bridge

Phu Luong iron bridge was built during the French colonial period as part of the Ha Noi - Hai Phong railway. The bridge is 380 m long, spanning the Thai Binh river to the east of the city


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