[Photos] Autumn-winter flower destinations for check-in in Hai Duong

TUESDAY, 15/11/2022 20:20:53

At the end of autumn and in early winter, when it is cold and dry, and the sun is golden like honey, numerous flowers begin to bloom.

This is the time tourists are lured to flower gardens and roads for check-in.

Tan Binh flower garden

From late autumn to early winter is the flowering season of canolas, daisies, and cosmos. Flowers in a garden behind Tan Binh Primary School in Hai Duong city have started to bloom, welcoming check-ins

The flower garden was opened four years ago. Its owner said daisies will blossom in about 10 days, while canolas and cosmos have already flowered. It costs each person 50,000 VND to enter the garden

Wild sunflower road at the foot of Phu Tao bridge

Wild sunflowers are blooming brightly on about 700 m of the dyke at the foot of Phu Tao bridge in residential area 9, Tan Binh ward, Hai Duong city. The plants were grown by the People's Committee of Tan Binh ward to create an urban landscape and avoid indiscriminate dumping of garbage and growing of weeds along the roadside

The flowering season of wild sunflowers often lasts from the beginning of November until the end of December. Bright yellow wild sunflowers standing out against the background of green leaves make many women excitedly come here to take photos

World of bougainvillea in Kinh Mon

About 25 km from Hai Duong city, there is a world filled with the colors of bougainvillea flowers. That is the Northern bougainvillea garden of Le Van Bac in Lau Dong hamlet, Quang Thanh commune, Kinh Mon provincial town. The garden covers an area of about 3,000 m2 with many kinds of colorful bougainvillea plants shaped diversely by the owner, including hearts, vases, peacocks, etc.

From his passion for bougainvillea, Le Van Bac opened the garden in 2021 for bonsai business and free sightseeing and photography. On weekends, the site attracts dozens of check-ins

Riverside flower garden in Binh Lang commune

Going along the Thai Binh river dyke from Hai Duong city to Tu Ky district, you will encounter a garden of bright pink spider flowers next to Lang wharf in Binh Lang commune, Tu Ky district. The garden was grown by Nguyen Thuy and her husband three years ago

Apart from spider flowers, Thuy also planted many other kinds of flowers, such as daisies, cosmos, wild sunflowers, butterfly peas, etc. Shortly after opening in 2020, the flower garden sometimes lured up to 500 arrivals/ day. Entrance fee is 30,000 VND/ person

Rose garden of literature teacher

The 8-year-old rose garden is a man's love for his wife, Tran Thi Quynh Diep, a literature teacher of Nguyen Trai Junior High School in Nam Sach district. The garden, behind the stadium of Thai Tan commune, Nam Sach district, has been carefully taken care of by Diep since her husband’s unexpected death

There are more than 500 old rose plants in the garden, about 1,500 m2 in area. It is opened for free so that her friends, colleagues, pupils, etc. can come to take photos. At present, white roses in the garden are in full bloom. However, according to Diep, roses in the garden blossom most beautifully and equally near the Lunar New Year

Wild reed flower season

Unlike the above colorful flowers which need careful attention, reed flowers have wild but attractive beauty. Reed is a kind of weed that grows naturally on open grounds. White reed flowers sway lightly in the afternoon wind as if pulling tourists to the peaceful countryside

You can see reed flowers in any vacant area along roads or many rivers in Hai Duong. In the photo is a reed site in Tan Phu Hung new urban area, Hai Duong city, a favorite check-in haunt of some people


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