[Photos] Bewitching re field in Con Son

TUESDAY, 20/09/2022 09:25:37

Under soft autumn sun, tiny flowers of a verdant re (artemisia annua) field in Con Son, Cong Hoa ward, Chi Linh city, Hai Duong province, have started to grow in raceme.

The re field under the canopies of old pine trees forms poetic vegetation referred to as the "miniature Da Lat" of Hai Duong by many people.

About 2 km from Con Son pagoda, the re field, around 15 ha in area, is taken care of and harvested by five tendering households. All visitors to the place are fascinated by the beauty of the re field

This autumn, the re field has grown well with a height of about 1 m and clusters of tiny white flowers. Entering the re flower field in the afternoon breeze, anyone will be mesmerized by a gentle fragrance emanating from an immense green carpet

During the Con Son - Kiep Bac Autumn Festival, the re field attracts a lot of visitors who come to take photos thanks to fine weather and the poetic scenery

Late in the afternoon, when the sun goes down, the golden sunshine makes the scenery even more romantic. This is the best time to take photos

Taking advantage of a Sunday afternoon off, this group of visitors drives 40 km from Hai Duong city to Con Son to go sightseeing and take photos. “I heard about the re field a long time ago but not until now can I manage to come here with my friends. I must say that the scenery is extremely beautiful, worthy for us to go this far,” said a group member

Not only visitors to Con Son, this is also a familiar place for couples to take wedding photos

Part of a red soil road to the "miniature Da Lat"  



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