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MONDAY, 25/04/2022 19:06:57

Besides cultural and historical relics, traditional festivals, arts..., Hai Duong is also well-known for a plenty of interesting natural landscapes.

Visiting Kinh Mon town, the largest scallion and garlic farm in the North, tourists will have interesting experiences with the immense green color of scallion and garlic fields

Hai Duong's carrots have been recognized as a brand and gradually improved their competitiveness in the international market. In the photo: A carrot field in Duc Chinh commune, Cam Giang district

The scenery of the ripe lychee season in Dong Man ecotourism sub-region, Thanh Khe commune, Thanh Ha district, which is renowned for lychee gardens, is as beautiful as a picture

Hai Duong has many flower villages. These are addresses for a large number of people to visit and buy flowers. In the photo: A field of spring flowers in Kim Dinh commune, Kim Thanh district

A field of re (Artemisia annua) flowers, an ecotourism destination in Con Son – Kiep Bac special national relic site, Chi Linh city

Beautiful forests on both sides of the road to Thanh Mai pagoda on Phat Tich mountain, Chi Linh city

Sunset on Dao Co (Stork Island) ecotourism site, the shelter of about 22,000 storks, night herons, and many other kinds of birds in Thanh Mien district

Beautiful natural scenery in the center of Hai Duong city

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