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Yummy An Sinh wild honey

FRIDAY, 23/07/2021 07:00:07

An Sinh wild honey of Nguyen Kim Thich's family in residential area Kim Xuyen 4, An Sinh ward, Hai Duong province's Kinh Mon provincial town, has been well-known.

An Sinh wild honey was certified as a three-star OCOP product in 2020

It was certified as a three-star One-commune One-product (OCOP) product in 2020.

Since participating in the OCOP program, Thich has made many changes in beekeeping for honey. Bee boxes are put on high, airy, and clean places. Honey is extracted in accordance with food safety and hygiene process, ensuring quality and maintaining honey bee multiplication.

After extraction, water in honey is reduced, helping the product have sensory homogeneity and be preserved for a longer time.

Thich puts honey in glass bottles with labels, barcodes, and traceability stamps instead of plastic bottles and jars like before.

Being nursed from many species of flowers in the forest by bees, so An Sinh wild honey has a golden color, specific aroma, sweet taste, and high adhesiveness and can be preserved for up to two years.

Wild honey has medicinal properties because it is made from many kinds of wild flowers and medicinal herbs.

An Sinh wild honey supplements necessary vitamins and minerals to the body, improves health, strengthens resistance, and has a good effect on respiratory and digestive diseases.

Honey can be directly used, drunk as a condiment, diluted with water, or consumed with cakes, tea, or fruit juice.



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