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Yet Kieu commune preserves net weaving craft

WEDNESDAY, 28/04/2021 08:13:55

Many people in Ha Bi hamlet, Yet Kieu commune, Hai Duong province's Gia Loc district, still weave nets.

Net weaving craft in Ha Bi hamlet, Yet Kieu commune, not only brings high incomes for locals but also is a traditional beauty of their native land

The traditional craft of the land has not only been preserved and promoted but also created jobs and high incomes for many locals.

Coming to Ha Bi hamlet on a recent day, we were first impressed by the scene of dozens of people busying themselves with each stitch and net. Most of the craftsmen were old, some were over 90.

At first glance, it seems simple, but in fact, net weaving requires adroitness.

With fluent hand movements, Vu Thi Moc (93 years old) said the profession dates from the time of famous general Yet Kieu. She started doing this job at the age of 20 and has been in the trade ever since.

"I don't know exactly when the craft of net weaving began except that it was transmitted from our ancestors. We still preserve and have a passion for this job since it is our homeland's traditional one. Furthermore, even the elderly can do it with good incomes," said Vu Thi Xuyen (65 years old).

A person deserving great credit for preserving the traditional craft is Pham Vinh Thanh, a native of Yet Kieu. Thanh is the fourth generation still doing this job.

Thanh's net production facility in Ha Bi hamlet has a large scale and is providing jobs for 13 people, while the one in Ba Ria – Vung Tau is employing 22 others.

His facilities mainly manufacture such products as fish cage nets, fish-nets, lift nets, etc. Fish cage nets are provided for both domestic and foreign markets. Each year, Thanh makes a profit of about VND1 billion on this trade.

"This is the profession of our ancestors, so I must try to maintain and develop it, which creates both jobs and good incomes for people. Each of them can earn about VND5 – 7 million/ month," said Thanh.

Thanh will expand production in the coming time with a hope that authorities at all levels will create conditions in terms of grounds.

Meanwhile, Yet Kieu inhabitants desire that the net weaving craft of their homeland will be recognized as a traditional craft.

"There are about 10 households in the commune following the profession, providing jobs for many laborers, mainly elderly ones," said Vu Quy Hoi, Secretary of the commune Party Committee.

"We always encourage people to maintain and develop traditional crafts.

"In the time to come, we will plan a small industry and handicraft area to assist the households in the trade with grounds to be able to expand production and, at the same time, step by step complete procedures to request competent authorities to recognize the locality as a traditional craft village."

Along with net weaving, locals also keep fishing on the Dinh Dao river, which is associated with the childhood of famous general Yet Kieu.

From the 13th century, fishermen in Ha Bi hamlet went everywhere and formed nine fishing villages along the Dinh Dao river. In every 1st and 8th lunar months, people from the fishing villages flock to Quat temple in Ha Bi hamlet to commemorate the merits of famous general Yet Kieu and pray for a bumper fish season.



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