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Lychee - specialty of Hai Duong

SATURDAY, 09/06/2018 15:44:28

Hai Duong has high potential for agricultural economic development. It is also home to thieu lychee which is famous everywhere and the pride of the people of the Eastern land.

Lychee trees have become strong crops of Thanh Ha district

Over the past years, lychee has always occupied an important position in the provincial agricultural production.

With an area of over 10,500 ha and an annual yield of about 50,000 tons, lychee accounts for 10% of the production value of cultivation.

In recent years, lychee has further affirmed its value in the group of strong fruit trees of the province.

To improve the quality and output of thieu lychee and find stable and sustainable consumer markets, Hai Duong authorities always pay special attention to directing lychee production under VietGAP and GlobalGAP processes,

The brand name of thieu lychee has been developed, and consumer markets have been increasingly expanded.

Since 2015, thieu lychee products of Hai Duong have overcome strict technical barriers of many countries importing fruits the most fastidiously, such as the US, the EU, Australia, France, Canada, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and the UAE.

To date, 20 establishments in Hai Duong have engaged in lychee production in accordance with VietGAP standards with a total area of 334 ha and an output of 3,500 tons.

In addition, there are more than 8,000 ha of lychee safely produced in VietGAP direction with a yield of about 35,000 tons.

To date, 13 lychee growing regions covering an area of 132 ha in the province have been granted codes by the US for export to the US, Australia, and the EU. The output eligible for export is nearly 1,000 tons.

This lychee crop, Thanh Ha has been given 25 sets of traceability codes. Each set consists of two tracing codes for early and thieu lychees. At the same time, quick response (QR) codes will be used to trace products.

This not only is a condition to meet requirements for export to China but in the long run will also help Thanh Ha lychee fruits approach many fastidious markets.

Traceability stamps on products will help buyers know the household planting the lychees, the hamlet, commune, VietGAP or GlobalGAP region where the lychees were grown, production process diaries, responsibility for product quality, etc.

Along with stepping up production towards improving productivity and quality, the provincial authorities always care about promoting trade, seeking and expanding consumer markets for lychee.

The provincial authorities have directed the Department of Industry and Trade to coordinate with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Department of Science and Technology, and the People's Committees of Thanh Ha district and Chi Linh provincial town to jointly propagandize thieu lychee products of the province on the mass media, assist enterprises with taking part in fairs and expos, organize teams to study and survey domestic and international markets, and associate with trade promotion organizations at home and abroad through Vietnamese commercial counselors and departments in foreign countries.

The provincial authorities have also organized trade promotion conferences for lychee fruits and agricultural products to find and expand markets, cooperated and invested in producing and improving the quality of products to affirm the brand name "Hai Duong thieu lychee" on domestic and international markets.

The Hai Duong - Thanh Ha Thieu Lychee Festival 2018 is being held on June 10.

This is the first time the provincial authorities have organized such activity to propagandize, popularize, and introduce the images, potential, and strengths of thieu lychee and agricultural products to customers in and outside the country and, at the same time, raise the awareness of all-level authorities, sectors, and localities about and create positive changes in protecting and developing the brand names of Thanh Ha thieu lychee in particular and Hai Duong thieu lychee in general.

In 2007, Thanh Ha lychee was granted the "Geographical indication" certificate by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Since then, Thanh Ha lychee has been protected to ensure the interests of producers and consumers, add value, and create more favorable conditions for the management and improvement of product quality.

Thanh Ha lychee was listed in the “Top 50 quality and prestigious products” voted by the Vietnam Standard and Consumers Association in 2012, among the “Top 10 quality and prestigious products” and “Quintessential specialties of three regions” in 2013 and 2014, honored in the leading group with two awards "Golden brand name" and “Impressive logo and slogan" in 2015, and granted the certificate “Safe and reliable food brand name” by the Vietnam Association of Food Safety Science and Technology in 2016.


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