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Preserving and promoting relics’ value

WEDNESDAY, 26/05/2021 16:55:40

There are more than 300 historical and cultural relics, including 10 national and 19 provincial ones, in Ninh Giang district.

With socialized construction funds, the gate of Tranh temple is gradually being completed

Worshiping great mandarin Tuan Tranh, Tranh temple in Dong Tam commune is one of big relics in Ninh Giang district. Since 2015, the local authorities have repaired many items and works there with a budget of more than VND30 billion. In which, Central bodies gave a support of VND5 billion, and the rest was donated and socialized.

Vice Chairman of the Dong Tam commune People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuc said for transparent management of donated money, the commune People’s Committee set up the Relic Management Board with 15 members and installed a surveillance camera system many years ago.

Based on the actual situation of the relic, the local authorities annually work out a restoration plan for submission to competent authorities and comply with directive documents of the provincial authorities and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

Hung Long pagoda in Vinh Hoa commune was recognized as a provincial relic in 2010. Over a long time, a number of items deteriorated. Especially, in recent years, the roofs of many compartments of the 13-compartment house have collapsed.

The commune authorities quickly devised and submitted a dossier and plan to competent authorities for permission to repair the relic and together with the head monk raised funds from people. Local people donated more than VND1.5 billion to renovate the work.

Most of the relics in Ninh Giang district are old, thus having great cultural and historical value.

According to the district Division of Culture and Information, in the 2015 – 2020 period, the district authorities renovated more than 20 turns of relics with dozens of billions of dong, mainly from socialization sources.

Along with relic protection and restoration, over the past years, the district authorities have also paid attention to promoting the value of cultural and historical relics. In which, the promotion of relics’ value in association with tourism and festival development is a measure prioritized by the local authorities.

There are more than 200 annual traditional festivals in the district. Some big festivals are attractive to numerous locals and visitors like Tranh temple festival in Dong Tam commune, Trinh Xuyen temple festival in Nghia An commune, Trong pagoda festival in Hung Long commune, etc.

Folk games such as clay firecracker making, traditional wrestling, tug of war, human chess, etc. are included in festivals to preserve the value of cultural heritage, contributing to increasing the attractiveness of the festivals.

According to Vice Chairman of the district People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Van, the kind of traveling combined with learning about celebrities and visiting historical relics is the district’s advantage which has been being well exploited.

The district authorities have coordinated with the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and travel companies to organize many fascinating experience tours of historical educational significance, luring tens of thousands of visitors to such relics as Tranh and Khuc Thua Du temples, Uncle Ho’s statue in Hiep Luc commune, Trong pagoda, a water puppetry troupe in Hong Phong commune, etc.

The district authorities also collaborated with press agencies and the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to print and release 15,000 leaflets propagandizing the potential of tourism associated with relics in the locality, contributing to heightening attractiveness to tourists at home and abroad.

The local authorities also intensified connection and coordination with relevant sectors and localities to disseminate the sense of preserving and promoting relics’ value to people.



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