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An Lac's Cao temple and Phuong Hoang mountain – attractive destinations

TUESDAY, 20/04/2021 16:31:25

Two new provincial tourist areas, the relic complexes of Cao temple in An Lac ward and Phuong Hoang mountain in Van An ward (Chi Linh city), are being methodically invested in to lure visitors.

The old examination compound reinstated at Chu Van An temple for the first time on the occasion of the celebrity's 650th death anniversary is attractive to visitors

Land of extraordinary people

With a natural area of 4 km2, An Lac ward has up to 99 big and small hills 15 – 100 m high. In the south, the serene and winding Nguyet Giang river embraces fertile fields. An Lac is also home to the sole 100-year-old ironwood forest of Hai Duong province.

There are five temples mainly built following the architecture in the Nguyen dynasty in Cao temple historical and cultural relic complex. The temples were formed more than a thousand years ago. Despite small scales, the temples have drawn the aura of heaven and earth.

Cao temple stands out on the top of Thien Bong mountain of Voi mountain range and looms in a secluded and quiet space of the ancient ironwood forest with the Nguyet Giang river winding in front of it.

The temple worships the eldest son Vuong Duc Minh (Great General Thien Bong). The majestic temple built in the 10th century (981) has witnessed many historical ups and downs.

For a long time, the sacredness and many inexplicable mysteries of Cao temple have been handed down among the common people. Each of the remaining four temples has its own story, legend, and unique features.

Phuong Hoang (phoenix) mountain relic site in Van An ward has an interesting natural landscape.

Legend has it that one day, 72 phoenixes suddenly appeared in the sky of Chi Linh. Seeing charming mountains and water, the birds alighted and then turned into a range of 72 mountains.

Phuong Hoang mountain is famous for its picturesque scenery with a vast pine forest, murmuring streams, twittering birds, and especially the 72 mountains which look like 72 flying phoenixes.

There are many other famous historical relics on Phuong Hoang mountain, such as ancient Huyen Thien pagoda, ancient Ky Lan pagoda, ancient Tinh Phi tower, and especially a complex of relics closely associated with the life of teacher Chu Van An, including Chu Van An temple, Luu Quang temple, Miet Tri, Gieng Son, a tomb area, etc.

At the end of 2019, the two relic complexes of Cao temple and Phuong Hoang mountain were recognized as provincial tourist areas by the provincial People's Committee.

Connective infrastructure building

The resolution of the 23rd Party Congress of Chi Linh city (2020 – 2025) defines that trade, services, and tourism will be economic spearheads of the locality.

The city authorities are finalizing the project "Developing Chi Linh city tourism until 2025 with a vision to 2035" with the direction of planning four tourist areas. In which, the southern area has two new tourist sites, namely the relic complexes of An Lac's Cao temple and Phuong Hoang mountain.

Gradually realizing the set goals, Chi Linh authorities are carrying out works and projects to develop these two tourist sites.

A project to upgrade and renovate the tourism infrastructure of Huyen Thien pagoda in Phuong Hoang mountain relic site with a total budget of over VND49.9 billion is being urgently implemented. The project focuses on upgrading roads, drainage works, and lake embankments, dredging lake beds, protecting and renovating tourism resources, etc.

Nearby, a project to restore and renovate the relic cluster of Gom and Thuy temples in Co Thanh ward with an investment of more than VND14 billion from the city budget is also finishing. The work aims to connect spiritual tourist spots and historical and cultural relics in Chi Linh, contributing to diversifying tourism products...

Chi Linh city authorities have defined and accelerated the implementation of key programs and projects adjacent to and surrounding the two new tourist sites mentioned above.

Regarding a project to build a detour connecting national highways 18 and 37, efforts are being made to open the route this June.

The technical infrastructure of a project to construct Chi Linh eco-urban area in Chi Minh ward covering an area of more than 57.4 ha adjacent to national highway 18 and on an urban axis along Phao Tan – An Bai canal invested in by Constrexim Housing Development and Investment JSC. is being completed.

There are projects to develop external traffic in areas along the Kinh Thay and Dong Mai rivers. Investment in a project to build a hi-tech agricultural area combined with eco-tourism, relaxation, and spiritual tourism is being called for.

Apart from infrastructure upgrading, Chi Linh authorities are gradually perfecting typical tourism products of the locality to attract tourists. The city authorities have intensified tourism propaganda and promotion, paid attention to manpower training, perfected a model to sustainably manage tourist areas, etc.

According to Hoang Van Dung, Head of the Relic Management Board of Chi Linh city, the unit has actively counseled and closely coordinated with the Management Board of Con Son – Kiep Bac Relics and the cultural sector to connect tours and improve the quality of service products.



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