Two Covid-19 Patients were tested Negative

FRIDAY, 06/11/2020 15:53:09

These 2 patients, just entering from abroad, were discovered to be infectious upon arrival in the Quarantine at Regiment 125 (Chi Linh city).

On 4th November, Doctor Nguyen The Anh, Vice Director of the Provincial Hospital for Tropical Diseases, said that the 2 Covid-19 patients who are under medical treatment at the hospital have both had negative test results and stable physical health. The hospital is helping them strengthen their body resistance, continuing to attend to them and wait for the results of the next tests.

These 2 patients are overseas students returning home in outside provinces from England, discovered to be infectious right after entering the Quarantine at Regiment 125. The patient from Hai Phong was hospitalized on 5th October; The other patient, from Ho Chi Minh City, was hospitalized on 10th October.

Apart from these 2 patients, there have been no infectious cases in the community in Hai Duong since 31st August.




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