Hai Duong Weather Forecast

Severe and harmful cold unlikely to occur from now till Lunar New Year

FRIDAY, 06/01/2023 08:44:09

As forecast by the provincial Hydrometeorological Station, due to the weakening of a cold air mass, the weather is getting warmer in Hai Duong from January 5 – 8.

It will be cloudy and rainless during the day, sunny and less cloudy at noon and in the afternoon. Temperature will bottom out at 16 – 17 degrees Celsius and peak at 20 – 21 degrees Celsius with northeasterly winds at level 2.

It is forecast that around January 9, the weak cold air mass will be strengthened, making it cloudy and drizzly in some places in the province. It will be very cold at night and early in the morning.

From now until Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year), there may be 1 – 2 weakly-strengthened cold waves, and severe and harmful cold is unlikely to occur in the province.



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