Hai Duong Weather Forecast

Downpours in Chi Linh city, Binh Giang district

TUESDAY, 24/05/2022 10:33:32

The combination of a trough and aloft wind convergence has caused rain, moderate and heavy rain, and local downpours in Hai Duong.

There was rain, moderate rain, and local heavy to very heavy rain in Hai Duong at the dawn of May 24

According to the provincial Hydro-meteorological Station, due to the combination of a trough and aloft wind convergence, there were rain, moderate rain, and local heavy rain, downpours, and thunderstorms in the province on May 23 evening and at May 24 dawn, with common rainfall of 20 – 30 mm by 7 am on May 24.

Binh Giang district and Chi Linh city recorded downpours with rainfall of 95 mm and 59 mm, respectively.

Rainstorm is forecast to last until the end of May 24.

Because irrigation work exploitation units proactively drained off the water through sewers days ago, the water level in main canals is low.

The upstream water level at Bac Hung Hai system's Ba Thuy has reached 1.1 m, 1.4 m lower than designed. Therefore, local authorities haven't had to operate anti-waterlogging pumping stations.

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