Hai Duong Weather Forecast

Cold weather to be prolonged due to strengthened cold air

FRIDAY, 27/01/2023 07:38:47

As forecast by the provincial Hydro-meteorological Station, due to the influence of strengthened cold air, there will be rain and drizzles in Hai Duong on January 27.

From January 28 to February 2, it will be cloudy, rainless, and cold with fewer clouds and sunshine at noon and in the afternoon.

On January 28 alone, it is likely to be very cold.

From February 2 – 4, the cold air may continue to be strengthened, causing drizzles and further cold in the province.

Due to the province’s location deep in the cold air mass, temperature in the coming days will be low, peaking at 17 – 19 degrees Celsius and bottoming out at 10 – 12 degrees Celsius.

Humidity will be high, around 70 – 80%.



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