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Rainstorms forecast to end scorching sun in Hai Duong from Jun 28 night

MONDAY, 27/06/2022 08:26:30

The ongoing heat wave will end on June 28 thanks to the appearance of rainstorms.

Scorching sun will continue until June 28

According to the Hai Duong provincial Hydro-meteorological Station, a western depression will continue to develop and expand southeast on June 27 and 28, resulting in variable and a few clouds in Hai Duong.

It will be sunny and even scorching in some places during the day, and there is a possibility of scattered showers and thunderstorms in several areas at night.

There will be southeast winds at levels 2 and 3.

Temperature may peak at 37 – 38 degrees Celsius and drop to 28 – 29 degrees Celsius.

The average humidity will be about 75%.

Around the night of June 28 – July 3, a trough is likely to appear in combination with aloft wind convergence, causing sunshine in the province by day, scattered showers and thunderstorms by dusk and night, with local moderate and heavy rain.

Be cautious of tornadoes, lightning, and gusts of winds during thunderstorms.

Thanks to rainstorms, temperature will decrease by 4 – 5 degrees Celsius compared to the previous days with the highest temperature 32 – 33 degrees Celsius, and the lowest temperature 25 – 26 degrees Celsius.

Humidity will be about 85%.

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