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2 – 3 intense heat waves to hit Hai Duong this summer

THURSDAY, 09/03/2023 20:04:02

The province will experience hotter weather than the average of many years by 1 – 2 degrees Celsius.

Hot weather may hit Hai Duong in early June (illustrative image)

El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) will move to a neutral state in the coming time with a probability of 70-80% and may gradually turn into El Nino by the end of the year, forecast the Hydro-meteorological Station of Hai Duong province.

As a result, Hai Duong is likely to be affected by 6 – 8 heat waves this summer, including 2 – 3 intense ones.

The first heat wave may appear in early June. It will be hotter than the average of many years by 1 – 2 degrees Celsius.

The total rainfall in the season will also be higher than the previous years.

Flood peaks on rivers during the rainy and stormy season will not high, but there will be many anomalies and complicated developments.

Floods are unlikely to occur this May like previous years.

There may be a 10 – 30% shortage of water in rivers in Hai Duong from March to May.

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