Hai Duong Weather Forecast

1st heat wave to push temperature in Hai Duong up to 35 degrees Celsius

MONDAY, 20/03/2023 14:32:35

Hai Duong will experience the first heat wave around March 22 with the highest temperature 34 – 35 degrees Celsius.

It will be cloudy in Hai Duong on March 20 and 21 with light fog in the early morning due to the influence of weakening continental cold high pressure, forecast the provincial Hydro-meteorological Station.

There will be sunshine and fewer clouds in the daytime. Winds will blow southeastward at level 2 or 3.

Temperature will range between 21 – 32 degrees Celsius.

It will be dry and sunny in the province from March 22 – 24 as a western trough expands southeastward.

Particularly, a heat wave is likely to occur on March 22 or 23, with the highest temperature 34 – 35 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature 24 – 25 degrees Celsius.

Aloft wind convergence will cause scattered rain in Hai Duong from March 25, ending the hot weather, with temperature and humidity fluctuating between 21 - 27 degrees Celsius and 80 – 85%, respectively.



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