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Warm Tet for poor workers

THURSDAY, 01/02/2018 14:51:50

These days, activities to assist disadvantaged workers in enjoying Tet (Lunar New Year) are being actively implemented by trade unions (TU) at all levels and employers.

Representatives of the transport sector's trade union present a gift to Hua Thi Hang, a worker of Hai Duong Roads and Bridges JSC. living in Hoang Hoa Tham commune (Chi Linh)

Proactive higher-level TUs

To date, most TUs above the grassroots level in Hai Duong province have made plans to present Tet gifts to disadvantaged workers. Some have visited and offered gifts to workers.

Typically, the transport sector's TU visited, encouraged, and gave presents, worth VND1.2 – 2.2 million each, to 17 workers who were member of subordinate grassroots TUs. Though insignificant, the gifts encouraged them to continue striving to better themselves.

Nguyen Dac Huy in Thanh Hai commune (Thanh Ha district) is a worker of Hai Duong Logistics Holdings Company. His family situation is very difficult. Huy's wife suffers from dangerous illness, so he has to manage to pay for his wife's treatment and take care of their two small children by himself.

Huy said apart from a freshly-given Tet gift worth over VND2 million, he had been encouraged and helped a lot by his company, TU, and colleagues. Therefore, despite the difficulties, his family still can celebrate Tet.

The TU of the provincial industrial zones has also reserved money and worked out a plan to present gifts and coach tickets, worth VND200,000 – 300,000/ration, to about 1,000 disadvantaged workers on the occasion of Mau Tuat Tet.

In addition, the TU of the provincial industrial zones will organize a Tet Reunion program for workers in industrial zones.

This year, the provincial Labor Confederation will still hold a Tet Reunion program with a get-together and presentation of gifts to disadvantaged workers across the province.

At the program, the provincial Labor Confederation will give presents, worth VND500,000 each, to 500 workers in tricky circumstances like losing their jobs, being unpaid, suffering from occupational accidents or diseases or prolonged illness, having relatives with prolonged illness, living under the poverty line, or encountering many difficulties in life.

At the event, the provincial Labor Confederation will also offer coach tickets to 150 workers living away from home to return for Tet celebrations.

Grassroots TUs, enterprises join hands

At recent weekends, TU officials of Continuance Vietnam Co., Ltd. have busily gone to the houses of disadvantaged workers in the province for encouragement and presentation of Tet gifts.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, chairwoman of the company's TU, said this Mau Tuat Tet, the TU and leaders of the company would jointly present 85 gifts to disadvantaged workers in and outside the province. Each gift is worth VND1 million, 80% of which is paid by the TU, and the rest is funded by the company.

Compared to last Tet, the number of workers to be given gifts this year increases by 20.

The TU of Regent Garment Factory Ltd. has also prepared a list of 14 workers in difficult circumstances for submission to the company leaders for consideration of support.

Most of them are the breadwinners of their families. Many have small children suffering from dangerous diseases or live in dilapidated houses.

The company decided to present VND3 million and a gift worth VND300,000 to each of the workers proposed by the TU this Tet.

Nguyen Thi Cuc, chairwoman of Hoa An Co., Ltd.'s TU, said the TU was choosing about 10 disadvantaged workers for submission to the company leaders for gift presentation on this Tet occasion.

In recent years, the company has always assisted 5 – 10 workers in difficult circumstances with VND3 million/ person on Tet occasion.

Supporting disadvantaged workers is a humanitarian deed reflecting the timely attention of TUs at all levels and the sharing of employers with employees in the new year so that everyone and every home can celebrate Tet.


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