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Number of collective stoppages rise by more than two times

MONDAY, 08/07/2019 11:02:53

In the first six months of the year, there were nine collective stoppages in the province, up five cases over the same period last year, with the participation of about 4,470 people.

They broke out at the limited liability companies of VietStar (Doan Tung commune, Thanh Mien), Mastina (Ung Hoe commune, Ninh Giang), Quang Phong Vietnam (Ngu Hung - Thanh Mien industrial cluster, Thanh Mien), Fantastic International (Phu Thai industrial zone, Kim Thanh), One Member Sj Vina Export Garments (Cong Hoa commune, Kim Thanh), Dain Vina Toy Production (Hoang Dieu industrial cluster, Gia Loc), Nam Sinh (Cam Hung commune, Cam Giang), Sky Dragon Vietnam (Minh Duc commune, Tu Ky), and Van Phuc Garments (Van Phuc commune, Ninh Giang).

The employees mainly asked their employers to well implement regimes on salary, overtime, hazardous allowances, and maternity; improve the quality of shift meals; change work positions; etc.

After the collective stoppages, trade unions higher than the grassroots level proactively coordinated with relevant authorities to hold dialogues between the employers and employees and guided the enterprises to remove conflicts arising in labor relations.



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