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28 businesses arrange milking, breast milk storing rooms for female workers

THURSDAY, 10/09/2020 11:28:19

28 businesses in industrial zones in Hai Duong province have arranged milking and breast milk storing rooms in the workplace for female workers, according to the provincial Confederation of Labor.

The enterprises is employing nearly 52,000 female laborers, many of them are of reproductive age.

As assessed by the companies, most of the milking and breast milk storing rooms are practically effective, helping the female workers preserve milk for their babies.

Businesses employing large numbers of female workers have arranged many milking rooms, such as the limited liability companies of Sumidenso Vietnam (four rooms), Sumiden, Regent Garment Factory, and Brother Industries (Vietnam) (three rooms each).

VSIP Hai Duong Co., Ltd. only has 10 female employees but has still arranged a milking and breast milk storing room.



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